“I was very interested in the juxtaposition of two melancholy”: Enrique Navarro talks about his first film PIANTAO

From September 22 to December 1 you can enjoy Piantaodrama written by Henry Navarrowith interpretations of Luciana Gonzalez de Leon Y Mario Alberto Monroy which will offer a season at Teatro La Capilla.

This is the author’s first play, which arose from the degree in literary creativity Xavier Villaruria on INBALwithin a subject taught by the playwright Gabriela Roman.

In this sense, Navarre mentions: “I was a journalist, well (actually I still write, I did theater reporting) and this work came about as an academic text, more because of the subject matter, but I ended up really enjoying it. I think this is a story that I had already thought about, certainly about 10 years ago, which was not what it is now, which was very much in its infancy, but with the intervention of the teacher Roman, it was taking shape.

The creator states that this concern stems from his professional experience in the world of entertainment, early in his career, because of the way he approached topics, particularly during interviews, he was somewhat rigid and structured. However, he admits that by setting aside concepts like the inverted pyramid and revealing only the news, he was able to dig deeper with the interviewee.

“When I started doing it in a more personal way, I got the best interviews because I did it according to what I felt, from each piece, and the more personal it was, the better stories I started to tell. From that process, one day I thought, well, maybe I have something to say, so I decided to join INBAL, so it grew, grew until it is a reality today,” he says.

“I was very interested in the juxtaposition of two melancholias: the misnamed artists melancholy, that is, that part where it is believed that one must be a little sad or a little crazy, waiting for a gray day, drinking coffee and wine, to create something; and the other, yes from one clinical melancholiadiagnostic depression”points out.

And he adds: “The work speaks of Horace, who is an Argentinian artist based in Mexico City and his encounter with DanielaMexican photographer. This story is inspired by Balada para un loco, which is a tango written by the poet Horacio Arturo Ferrer”.

In accordance with Navarre, the inspiration he found in this tango was when he experienced the deep feeling of happiness as well as the sadness that the music gave him, so he began to imagine an artist who believed that he could cure someone else’s sadness or madness , of their own happiness and creation. “It’s a story about love and dating, where as much as the main characters try to be together, many situations tear them apart,” he says.

“I’ve literally known Luciana since we were in primary school, we went together and over time our lives took us on different paths, she went into acting and I went into journalism and that’s how we met again. I covered a lot of entertainment and suddenly I saw her a lot in TV series, movies, we met on red carpets and then it was very nice for me to see her grow up,” he admits.

“Mario was suggested by the production team and it seemed like a good idea, I had already seen his work and what excites us the most is that he is a Mexican actor playing an Argentinian artistit’s challenging, the accent, the humming of the Argentinian phrase, that Buenos Aires vibe and some hints of tango, but without being a dance show as such,” he points out.

“What Sebastián de Oteisa, the director of the show, is looking for is to break away from the cliché of tango, to break with the red and black colors, the three-piece suits, the berets, what we are trying to present is a contemporary connection, using the pretext of tango, because the song we use is present in the details and the daily life of two artists, so this mixture of realities does not fall into Mexican folklore”, he concludes.

Piantao its season will start on September 22, at the venue located in Madrid 13, check schedules and prices here.

By Ulises Sánchez, Photos: Production courtesy Navarro FB

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