‘I was dead for 22 minutes’: the story of an athlete who suffered sudden death in the Buenos Aires 21K

Manuela Buguno Ipinsa is 30 years old and last Sunday she experienced the worst moment of her life. The organization of the athletics event reported a “slow down”. He finally understood what had happened. The athlete was admitted to the German hospital.

On Sunday, Manuela Bugeno Ipinza crossed the finish line Buenos Aires Half Marathon 2022in 118th place, with a time of 01:27:38, 22:38 minutes behind Irene Jepchumba Kimais, the Kenyan who won. What followed was the worst moment of his life as he suffered a sudden death: “I was dead for 22 minutes”said the Chilean from the German hospital where she was hospitalized.

“On Sunday, Chilean runner Manuela Buguno, 30, he faded crossing the finish line in a time of 1h28m. She was quickly treated by the organization’s medical team and resuscitation tasks were carried out,” the Ñandú Association, organizer of the race, said in a statement, which later added: “In coordination with the Urban Monitoring Center of the Government of Buenos Aires ambulance transfer to Fernandes Hospital was expedited, where his care was completed while maintaining direct contact with his family.’

Bugueño Ipinza spoke after her hospitalization and was still in shock: “I’m fine, I’m processing everything. Alive and very grateful.” told the newspaper The nation. It is curious that the profession of the Chilean athlete is a doctor, for which she knows perfectly well what she experienced and in this context she highlighted the quick response of the medical services that helped her. “First I had ventricular tachycardia where an AED can be used because it is shocking. But then I had electrical activity with no pulse. This cannot be defibrillated, so they gave me adrenaline and other drugs. That got me out of unemployment.

What does he remember about his “death”

Manuela Bugeño Ipinza has memories of the moment she suffered sudden death after crossing the finish line of the Buenos Aires Half Marathon, published TN.

“I crossed the finish line, I faded, they understood me down to the shot. It really saved my life. because if it wasn’t for the whole emergency team that was in charge of it, I wouldn’t be telling it. This is true because Everything was very fast, very good team, They gave me very good compressions, very good work. It was 22 minutes of CPR and defibrillation. I mean, like i was dead for a total of 22 minutes and then they moved me very quickly to the hospital. The last thing I remember is that I passed out and then i woke up in the hospital emergency room.

The fear of his life after decades of experience as an athlete

“I’ve been running for over 10 years and have been running longer distances for about five years now. I had already run a half-marathon and it had never happened to me, and now it happened to me,” the trans-Andean woman told the above-mentioned newspaper.

“I was kicked out of unemployment”

Aware of every action of the doctors, because she is too, 30-year-old Manuela Buguno Ipinza emphasized: “I am very lucky because there was a cardiologist and a whole team. Thanks to good management, they got me out of unemployment. Not everyone is so lucky. They were doing very well at Fernandes Hospital there and also here (at Allman Hospital). I am truly shocked and grateful. I’m from the health care field, I know it’s not like that everywhere I’m really very very grateful because I owe them more than life.” emphasized.

How is the Chilean athlete who suffered sudden death at the Buenos Aires half marathon doing today

“The electroencephalogram no neurological lesions appear and so far the heart is normal on all tests. At Fernandes Hospital, the attention was amazing, I am very grateful. Today (for Tuesday) at dawn I have been transferred here to the German hospital, where I will have to spend two or three days, they don’t know exactly because they have to connect a device to my heart that checks if any other signal appears because, obviously, it’s an electrical problem with the heart,” said Manuela Buguno Ipinza about her health after the worst experience of her life ..

Obligatory medical certificate, a requirement of the organization of the Buenos Aires Half Marathon

The presentation of a physical fitness certificate for street racing is a mandatory requirement to participate in the half marathon in Buenos Aires. The PDF file with the necessary data is available on the official page of the event and there Dr. Federico López, Director of the Cardiology Service, informs that “The Sports Cardiology Assessment This is a medical certificate that is mandatory for athletes, whether amateur or professional, in gyms, clubs, marathons, schools, federations and any center where physical activity takes place”.

“Besides the fact that it’s mandatory,” he adds, “we emphasize going to the doctor periodically and getting a check-up Early detection of disease, promotion of a healthy lifestyle and assessment of the risk of future problems are essential.

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