How to request your birth certificate online from the Spanish Civil Registry?

The birth certificate is a document issued by the Civil Registry in Spain and whose mission is to provide information on the place and date of birth of each citizen. There are many reasons why you can request a birth certificate. For example, upon marriage or the possibility of obtaining a DNI. But there are many procedures in the civil field where you may need to request a birth certificate, and now you have a very convenient way to get one. It is no longer necessary to go to the office in person to claim it.

Why order your birth certificate online?

The problem with applying for a birth certificate is that we have to spend time and effort to get it. Its processing always involves personally going to the registration offices, which means that you have to devote practically a morning to this process. For those who work, this means applying for a work permit, commuting to the office, parking, parking… transit time investment, but this suggests an additional problem to the certificate request itself.

You can also request your civil registry certificate online from this website and forget about care. Thanks to the fact that it is now possible to get your birth certificate online, you avoid all of this and it is such an easy and safe method that there is no reason not to choose this option. All you have to do is submit the application on the site keeping in mind the type of certificate which can be birth, marriage or death. All data will continue to be reviewed, stating the purpose of the request for this certificate and paying the appropriate fee. Finally, after a few days, the certificate arrives at the specified address with full guarantees.

That way you won’t have to worry about anything, simple wait for the certificate to arrive at your address. There is no need to go to the registry office or apply for a work permit. A very easy, convenient and practical way to get the certificate you want in a few days.

As sure as if you do

This certificate request system is completely secure. The data is treated as strictly confidential given its importance. At all times, your documents are perfectly protected until you have them, so data protection is guaranteed. Another issue to consider is that the payment of The certificate request is made through a secure platform, so the transaction and online payment is nothing more than a simple procedure. Have you considered how much money you can save if you process your certificate online? At the lowest economic cost we must add the time saving of being able to request your certificate from the comfort of your home or office and wait for it to arrive. It is not worth going to the registry office in person.

Of course, these certificates are the originals that are issued in the offices, they are by no means certified copies. They have full legal validity and you can use them for the procedures you need. Simply the only thing that is done is saving you from having to scroll to the registry. Applying for a birth certificate or other online has only advantages and is a way to keep up with the times. We should start getting into the habit of making all requests electronically as the savings are quite significant. The progressive digitization of the administration facilitates this.

Processing certificates through the website is very simple. Also, you don’t need to register and install any software, just fill in the details and make the app payment. It’s such a simple process that anyone with minimal office knowledge can do it. Nor is it necessary to present the electronic DNI, so it is a very affordable system. In any case, always you have a support team at your disposal who will be able to resolve any doubts that may arise during your certificate request.

The time has come to give way to modern processing of any type of documentation we need. The application for a birth certificate This is very common and not worth the investment of time and effort to go and ask for it in person. There are already many people who have obtained their certificates in this way, the satisfaction rate is maximum. Don’t make it complicated, if a company can do it for you and ship it to your home, it’s always a much better option than spending a morning doing it yourself.

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