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Sounds from another world. Colombian singer and songwriter Esteman He just released his new single “Un Día en París” where he shows his most romantic side and in turn features melodies futurists. The artist is preparing for his next performance in our country at the end of September.

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in conversation with Commerce, Esteban Mateus – the singer’s real name – admits that this song came to him one night last April while he was planning how to propose to his friend Jorge. They both had a trip to Spain and were going to Paris (France) for a few days, a place Estemann would take advantage of to propose.

“‘A Day in Paris,’ although it was born out of our relationship, is about the relationship between two people who have a spiritual, energetic connection, as if from other lives. That’s the strongest meaning of this song and I feel like people have embraced it because I’ve gotten a lot of videos on TikTok of people using the song to propose. It’s very beautiful what happened”precisely.

The French capital is special to Estemann because, at 19, he had the opportunity to live there for a year while studying acting. “It was an amazing year, but at the same time very difficult. I feel like I was very small, I was in a shell and the city is very difficult. Then, There was always the thought “how amazing it would be to live love in Paris”. At the time, he hadn’t even realized he was gay, or at least hadn’t accepted it.

The Colombian had an additional reason to seal his love in Paris – his parents also met and got engaged there. “There is a special value in (my commitment) being there. It was the first time Jorge went, it was very special, since we arrived we were able to show him the whole city. Between my nerves, the next day I proposed to her in front of the Seine”commented.

Elves in the music video?

The video for A Day in Paris has – at the end of this article – more than 840,000 views on YouTube and was directed by Estemann himself. The project was recorded before he proposed in Paris, so the Colombian had to figure out a way for his partner not to suspect that the video was related to the proposal.

In the same way, he tried to reflect them both, but in a fantasy world, and decided to turn them into elves. “We are two elves who live in the city. Two aliens, something I’ve always felt like in general. The point is to feel different. Indeed it was. The video was supposed to show everything that happened to me during the first week when I started to imagine what the application would be like“, he assured.

Esteman added that this song is part of his next album, which has no release date yet. The singer worked on this production, which overwhelmed him with emotion. At the moment there are several songs written, but only some of them have been produced.

The Colombian singer-songwriter co-directed the video for
The Colombian singer-songwriter co-directed the “Un Día en París” video. (Credit: Universal Music Group)

(My next album) is already in the works, I already have a clear idea of ​​where it’s goingI just want to do it really, really well and play every song that I think will add a lot to my process.”he pointed out.

A musical connection to Peru

Since the beginning of his career, Esteman has collaborated with various artists from the region. Among them are the Peruvians Nicole Favre and Adrian Bello. As the Colombian himself admitted, he managed to cope with the two artists in the studio; although opportunities came in different ways.

Contact with Adrian Bello was made through social media at the height of the pandemic. Esteman had already heard some of his singles and after being together in Mexico, they decided to record “Una Noche Más”.

It’s important for me to vibrate with the person and I liked Adrian from the beginning and I liked the song. I felt that I was created a little in the world in which I moved and others. It went like this. I think a very beautiful friendship was born“, said.

With Nicole Favre it was different. Both belong to the same label and share the same composer, so one day they coincide in the studio. “We met at a songwriting session and then she asked me to collaborate on this song of hers, this new version (of “Alucinating you”)“, he added.

Similarly, he has not ruled out the possibility of collaborating with another Peruvian artist. “I’ve been approached by different people who I’m getting to know little by little, but so far I haven’t specifically thought about collaborations because I’m also in the process of writing songs for myself. But if something flows, like Adrian’s, it surely will.“, he emphasized.

The next concert in Lima

Esteman will arrive in Lima to perform a concert on September 23 at the Arena bar in Barranco as part of his “Te Away from Me Tour”, which also visits other cities in Latin America.

A few weeks ago, Adrian Bello confirmed his presence at Esteman’s concert. But during the interview, the Colombian exclusively confirmed that there will also be Nicole Favre on stage.

In this show in our country there will be singles from his latest album “Si Volviera A Nacer” such as “Te alejas de mi”, “Milagros” and inevitably “Un Día en París”.

I have a lot of emotions and super high expectations because the amount of love I’m getting from Peru through social media is incredible., the number of messages and even in the same streaming statistics of my songs, Peru is always stuck there for Colombia. It’s so nice to see my music reaching people so all I can say is I’m going to give it my all on stage and I know it’s going to be a special moment and I really want to eat your delicious food This is my favorite above all. I have developed a very special attachment to Peru and I know this will be the second concert of many to comeis over.

Esteman in Lima

You Get Further Away From Me Tour

Venue: Arena Bar Barranco

Day: Friday, September 23

Time: 8:00 p.m.

Tickets: Joinnus

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