Denise Dumas: from the love of her life to her children and how she overcame the pain of her sister’s death

Denise Dumas he can’t help but be moved to tears or laughter and never hides it. On the contrary, she says she enjoys it. in The dream of your own housewho drives the nine every afternoon is also shown for what she is: spontaneous, funny, sensitive and sometimes politically incorrect. In dialogue with THE NATIONDumas has opened up about why she stopped performing as a driver, says horses have helped her heal the deep pain caused by her sister’s death and talks about the blended family she created with Campi (Martin Campilongo) 17 years ago, father to his two youngest daughters, Emma, ​​15, and Francesca, 10 (his two older children, Isabella, 20, and Santino, 19, are the result of his relationship with the musician German Barcelona).

-You don’t stop working, do you have an easy time or are you interested in all the projects you get involved in?

-I rarely stopped and that was because Martin was very busy and we had to take turns at home. I like to work and there are projects that I enjoy a lot, and when I choose, I prioritize that, not whether I’m comfortable for one reason or another. What amuses me the most suits me. I’m trying to have fun, I’m lucky enough to be doing something I love, four healthy kids, I love Martin… What more could I ask for? I get a little annoyed with people who complain and really for no reason.

-What motivates you to accept The dream of your own house?

– Basically, go back to Channel 9, because I live a block away and sometimes I walk across the square with my mother in hand or the guys with the bike and the dog come. Going back to 9 was a joy. It is true that Chef It was a great experience and it lasted much longer than I expected: I spent almost six months cooking and left in the semi-finals. And meanwhile I was driving team flower, which was for a few weeks and ended up lasting months. Then I thought it would be a while before another job came out, but the next day I was called to finish The dream of your own house. I could hardly think about it because we had to start now. At 9 I’ve always been happy, I have it very close and it’s work for today, because then you never know when you’ll be offered something again. And I said yes, thank God, because it’s a very nice project. We delivered the first house the other day and it was wonderful to see the emotion on this couple’s face. What happens to me with this program is no longer related to work, but to satisfaction, to emotions, because having a house changes a person’s life forever.

Denise Dumas: “I’m trying to have fun, I’m lucky enough to be doing something I love, four healthy kids, I love Martin… What more could I ask for? Reasons’Hernan Zenteno – THE NATION

– We all dream of owning a house, it represents security.

– It is increasingly difficult to have a home, and if you don’t have one, it is difficult to pay rent. The roof is calm, a sense of refuge. We all grew up with this desire for our own house, me too and it’s not the same as playing for money because the house is left to you and instead the money goes to pay debts to get you out of trouble or you spend it on unknown what and you are left empty handed. This is a program that excites me, there are very hardworking people, the families are very beautiful, those who win and those who lose. And I can’t help but cry when the winning family decides to donate $50,000 to the other family so they can have something. This is a program that shows the most beautiful of us. I am very happy

-You cry in all the programs you work on, have you been able to cope with these emotions or is this a distinctive feature of you?

There’s a whole part that I can’t deal with, but over the years I’ve learned to leave my emotions at work and not bring them home.. I try to separate myself a bit, but being there it’s hard not to empathize. It happens to me in my life too. My husband always laughs because for example once we were on the road and I sat next to a lady with whom we immediately started talking and after a while we hugged and cried because she told me that she had not seen her daughter since seven years ago. These things happen to me and I get emotional. in this is the show Y Saturday shows there was a moment of reverence and I fell into a catalepsy of tears. Jose Maria (Listorti) could not show any feelings, otherwise the ship would sink. I remember he only cried once when he was Carlitos Bala, he couldn’t do it and I was like, “I have to be able to do this.” And I managed to be whole while everyone on the floor was crying. If I put in a lot of effort, I can manage, but I enjoy it more if I let myself go because I like to go through my emotions. I’m dying of laughter too.

– You debuted as an actress, but worked a little in fiction, was it a conscious choice?

– I started in roller coaster one more lap And there Ricardo Pinheiro saw me and called me to work as a model. I studied theater and wanted to act, but I had a lot of work as a model and gave up acting. One day I went to visit fashionable coffeewhich was produced by Luis Cella, and he asked me if I wanted to drive, I said yes and my first job was there, 21 years ago.

Did you not act again?

-I did several seasons of theater, comedies and magazines. I gave myself all the flavors (laughs). I dance really bad and I was on Dance for a Dream and I don’t have a single curve in my body and I was a star. I was even a chef without really knowing how to cook.

“One day I went as a guest at Café fashion, which was produced by Louis Chella, and he asked me if I wanted to drive, I said yes, and my first job was there 21 years ago,” Dumas recalls of his beginnings.Hernan Zenteno – THE NATION

– Quite an adventurer…

-Driving is the only thing I feel like my thing. I studied theater for a long time when I was doing fiction, it was respectful and I have the tools to do comedy, but what I enjoy most is driving. Everything else happened. I dance terribly, but Marcelo Tinelli called me for “Bailando…” and I realized that people were laughing and I went there because I love making you laugh. in Chef The same thing happened to me and I was personally interested in learning to cook. I don’t go anywhere if I don’t know where to go. Vedette was a nebula… (laughs). At that time Nito Artaza hired models and then there were divine girls who did another role and there was Moria. I had a lot of fun doing it and it opened a lot of doors for me. It’s adrenaline.

– Did you learn to dance and cook?

I learned a lot about cooking and it changed the way I do everything in the kitchen. I can really cook something delicious in an hour and with few things, I have order and discipline. And there I learned everything, because I knew nothing more than the basics, meat with baked potatoes, milanese with mash, noodles with some kind of sauce. But I didn’t learn to dance even though I was in the program for ten months. He danced worse and worse because he rehearsed little: he was very busy and had no time.

-Is it true that you started studying theater as a way to heal deep family pain?

– I started studying theater because I liked it and my parents supported me a lot. Dad passed away shortly after, but he got to see me roller coaster one more lap. My sister Janine died when I was 11 and she was 16 in a car accident. I also have my beloved brother Marcos who lives in Sao Paulo and my mother, Renata or Renee as we all call her. When my sister happened, my parents thought a little bit because before they were worried about what we would study and then what was important was what would make us happy. I really liked the theater and also the horses. They gave me a horse and I started riding. What really saved me from sadness were the horses. In time, I gave up horse riding and now my three daughters are engaged in this sport. Isabella is already twenty years old and is engaged in something related to horse riding and jumping second category. When I graduated from high school, I started working as a waitress and studied theater twice a week; then entered the Conservatory of Dramatic Art. And my father Marcos, who was handsome and followed me around, brought me theater magazines and accompanied me a lot, just like my mother. They have always supported me with great hope despite their fears. My father passed away when I married German (Barcelo, musician and father of his two oldest children), we actually moved the wedding up a bit so he could attend.

– It must have been a very sad celebration…

-Yes, Dad was very ill and died two weeks after my wedding. We invited all his friends and many saw him for the last time. It was goodbye for many people. I miss him every day of my life, I miss him in everything I go through, even though it’s been many years. We were very partners, but I have a good feeling when I think about him, because I had nothing to say and we enjoyed each other until the last moment. I would like to have more time and see him as a grandfather, with my children.

-You recently said that your son wants to try his luck in another country and you would like him to stay, have they talked about it?

-Santino is 19 years old and wants to go to New Zealand. He also has Italian citizenship and it’s good that he wants to try, but I will miss him a lot. I’m going to do something mean because I don’t want him to go, I don’t know… I’m going to tie him to the bed. Anyway, I support it, share things I find about New Zealand, for example, and make it cool. But I don’t even think when that time will come. Martin and I say it will be a nice excuse to travel to visit him. I like the chaos of the boys at home, the food for a lot, the laughter, the noise. My house was like that too when I was a girl: on Fridays my cousins ​​would come over and stay all weekend, my brother’s friends were there. I grew up in a house full of noise and I love it, even Martin got used to it, he is an only child.

-A very strong love that binds you to Martin.

-Very strong. He met me when Isa was 3 and Santi was 1. The first summer we spent together in Carlos Paz, he didn’t understand a thing and by February she was an armored babysitter.

-Is it true that you fell in love with a Roberto Giordano mask?

-yes He was inside ShowMatch, where I was invited to play basketball. Martin was doing the parades imitating Giordano and he came to talk to me with this excuse because I was working with Listorti on Nito’s magazine. We started talking about very deep things and he was wearing the mask and to top it off the dressing room door opened and the real Giordano came in to tell him something. It was all very strange. I fell in love with Martin in that first conversation, it seemed like the love of a man. The next day Jose Maria told me that a friend had asked him for my phone number. I told him if it was Martin he should give it to him. The four of us went out with Jose and his wife and it was a date because Martin came looking for me and on the way back we went for a coffee alone. After that he took me home and we were no longer apart. It was love. Y From the first day he looked at my children with great love, adored them, and the boys him. Everything flowed. He killed me with love. We’ve been together for 17 years, but it doesn’t seem like that much to me because we’re still like new love, even though we’ve been through a lot together. A year after we met we got married and I got pregnant. We did everything quickly.

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