Alison Pastor to marry Eric Ellera in church: ‘Late this year or early 2023’ | INTERVIEW

Alison Pastor details her life and family plans. (instagram)

It was part of ‘This is war’ but he had to withdraw due to injury, although he was one of the best, he was also involved “Show Queens” but an upset caused her to resign live. Alison Pastor She went through not one or two stages in television, but she decided to break through as a businesswoman, fulfilling her dream of having her own gym.

Alison Pastor gave an interview to Infobae, where he details this venture that brings together what he loves most, sports and the color pink. In addition, he admitted that he wants to increase the family with the singer and the actor Eric Ellera, The popular one “Joel Gonzalez” on “There’s room at the bottom”, and that they even already have religious plans for marriage.

Alison, you made your dream of owning your own women’s gym come true

Okay. It’s been four months of a dream come true, Pink Power Gym It’s something I’ve always wanted and little by little and every month it’s bearing fruit, so I’m also happy with the idea of ​​opening more gyms in Peru.

You are a lover of pink and a sports fan, it is your essence in the gym

Everything is my essence. People who know me say, “I walk in and it’s Alison.” Pink, sports, the theme of teaching women to take care of themselves, to do sports for health, to feel good, to take time for ourselves. That’s the idea of ​​my proposal, a women-only environment for them to talk, to train in confidence.

You did it exceptionally…

Yes, this gym is for women only. I have clients who tell me here if I feel calm, safe. The coaches are women, there is more self-confidence. It’s the idea that they feel in a safe environment, that they have the freedom to make friends with the coach. Say what they want to achieve, it’s there that women’s confidence and exercise routine is easier and more fun.

Do you train there too?

Of course I’m there every day. I go at night to serve my clients and those I have customized.

How is Eric Ellera doing with this new challenge?

If it wasn’t for him, the confidence he gives me to get going, to do things well, I wouldn’t be in the gym. Eric also motivated me to open the gym. I’ve wanted to do it for a long time. I always doubted, but with his support I succeeded, so I am grateful to my husband.

Eric Ellera and Alison Pastor at the opening of Pink Power Gym.  (instagram)
Eric Ellera and Alison Pastor at the opening of Pink Power Gym. (instagram)

How long do you put it off?

Since the beginning of the pandemic. I used to have my business Chic Lady with micropigmentation with eyelash extensions, the pandemic came and we had to close. But the idea was to create a spa and include the Pink Power Gym. It was a spa, a gym, everything related to women and this is one of the projects that I want to realize, Pink Power has already started and the idea that this is something big.

Do you work a lot and how do you balance your work as a mother?

My son is with me all day. I have my sister who supports me when she doesn’t want to go and stays at home, but mostly she’s at the gym, the only human there. My little son is with me, with his father, he accompanies us to our workplaces. We are blessed that you can be with us. I try to keep up with him and keep up with the work.

What does he say to you when he sees you working?

He also works there (laughs). The customers come and he greets them, compliments them, persuades them, he is a real salesman. He knows I love pink and wants to open a blue men’s gym.

what happened with ‘This is war’Didn’t he come back from his injury?

It was a wonderful experience. I love sports and competition, with the adrenaline of the moment, like any athlete, she loves to win and give 100%. I changed my training program for the program to have more skills for the program. But a knee injury, I tore my ligaments, I had to have surgery and that forced me to retire from ‘This is war’.

Are you planning to go back to EEG?

I feel like it’s a closed chapter because of the injury I have and the games that are played there and speed, I think it risks my health again. Right now I’m focusing on my rehabilitation because so far I can’t touch my equipment, I can’t exercise. The idea is to recover quickly, apparently next month I will be discharged so I can start doing physical activity and focus on that to recover and be able to do my sports content and train with my clients.

You close the door on reality shows, then…

That’s right, returning to the program is now out of the question because there is also a fear that another injury could happen, I prefer to devote myself to my projects and sports.

You were at the center of the storm for your resignation The Queens of the Show what is your position now

I’m one of those people who commit 100% when I was inside The Queens of the Show I rehearsed I think 17 hours a day. I rehearsed all day because I am not a professional dancer and what was reflected on the dance floor was my own effort, my sacrifice to rehearse every day. There she doesn’t see Lucas (her son) as much, nor Eric as much, because he participates in the rehearsals at the Academy.

You showed your strong character in front of the cameras…

That these unfair things happen when one sacrifices himself is embarrassing and I could not stand it, so I preferred to withdraw from there. Why give more if it was ultimately for the pure. It wasn’t worth it anymore, so many sacrifices for the pure.

Alison Shepherd.  (instagram)
Alison Shepherd. (instagram)

Why did you agree to participate? “This is Bakan”?

They called me and I told them I couldn’t compete. They told me it was for welfare, they explained to me that it was simple and I told them that if so, I am happy and glad that I can participate and help the people who need it the most, which is nice ending. People are having fun watching the races and by the way we are helping other people, I thought that was super cool. I hope they do super well to continue to grow and continue to help people in need.

Are you ruling out a return to television?

No. I would like to open a format that is related to sports, health, women and everything related to that. It would be nice. I won’t leave TV completely, on the contrary, I love being there because I feel that every time I go out, there are girls who write to me that they like what I do, that I inspire them to train to be young mothers and I give time as a woman, as a wife, as a mother. I don’t rule out the possibility of going back, but realistically I think not anymore.

On August 31, you were married to Eric Ellera for 3 years, how did you spend them?

Yes, we have been married for 3 years and will be celebrating 6 years together in November. When we started, people said we wouldn’t last, but here we are. We had a good time, he was recording late, I was with my gym and we hit it off, got ready, left the kids at my sister’s and ran out to dinner, have a glass of wine and celebrate quietly.

They showed that age difference is a prejudice in relationships…

Exactly. I think the age difference helped us a lot, we complement each other. Eric is 38, but has the soul of a child and doesn’t look his age. Due to age it is not even noticeable, but we have complemented each other very well. More than a husband, we are friends, we joke, it helps the relationship a lot.

How did your relationship with Eric Ellera come about?

This is super crazy. We met a few years ago, but the whole day of my birthday, when I invited him there, it all started, we started dating, out of nowhere we went on a trip and didn’t want to be apart anymore, the first time I left my house they live together with somebody. But all defiant I left and a few months later Lucas arrived and then we waited a year to get married. The least expected and crazy turns out to be very beautiful.

And living with Eric is like living with Joel Gonzalez?

lol not completely. His soul is hidden from Joel, sometimes his “joelads” come out as I say, but he’s a really funny guy but he’s also grumpy, he’s the opposite of grumpy. I tell him, “If only people knew how stubborn you are.” He is homely, he is calm, he likes to be with his family, he does not like to go to parties. He is half Eric and half Joel.

Alison Pastor and Eric Ellera.  (instagram)
Alison Pastor and Eric Ellera. (instagram)

With little Flavia, Eric’s daughter, they are family. How do the brothers get along?

She always comes in June and stays with us until September when it’s her vacation from the US. Flavia got used to this rhythm that maybe she doesn’t see us as much, but then she comes and stays with us for months. He shares with Lucas that he is his brother and we tell them that they are brothers and should love each other wherever they are.

What do you think is the key to a strong relationship?

I believe that the most important thing is respect for the couple and trust. If it’s not there, forget about the relationship, it will be very toxic.

Would you forgive cheating?

No. Eric already knows, it’s very clear to him. Not me, one and bye. It’s so simple. I think I’m one of those people who really likes to respect others. Respect and loyalty above all that has been our foundation until now. Y Eric made it very clear when I tell him, he tells me I’m more threatened now, I tell him you are warned, not threatened (laughs).

Do you have plans to increase the family?

Yes, Eric bothers me every day. Yes, the idea is to increase the family, but not yet. Right now I’m just working on my project, I’m working on my company, I want it to grow, consolidate well and open more points, then think again about looking for the woman.

A religious marriage?

Yes, it is in our plans to get married in a religious one. We have entered into a civil marriage and are considering whether to have our religious wedding at the end of the year or next year. Lucas and Flavia are older now.

Any chance of getting men’s gym?

My parents also have gyms, so I came up with the idea. Because as long as I can remember, my father has his karate school and he has his gym. We will soon be opening a unisex gym, Power Gym.


Alison Pastor’s gym is located at the intersection of Guardia Civil Sur and Don Francisco avenues, on the second floor.

Pink Power Gym by Alison Pastor.  (instagram)
Pink Power Gym by Alison Pastor. (instagram)


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