A left-wing family, an adulterous marriage and cunning in the networks: Liz Truss, the new Iron Lady

  • Raised in a left-wing family, “horrified” by her daughter’s ideology, Liz Truss is running as the new Downing Street tenant to replace Boris Johnson

  • She has been married for 22 years to economist Hugh O’Leary, who forgave her for cheating with party partner Mark Field

  • She dominates social networks and in the political struggle she is compared to a rottweiler that never lets go of its prey

Between “new blonde ambition” Y “new iron lady”. Liz Truss, the politician who is likely to replace Boris Johnson at the head of the British government, does not yet have his own nickname. But you will. His career is that of a empowered woman who has many comparisons to other women.

A simple look at her networks and what is posted about her shows this Trot loves the word “freedom” (“Lover of freedom,” says his IG), on American Republican Handbook and on action. Likes do, perform, manageoften neglecting male bias of English politics. You know your audience they are not on fellow party members, who do not care to please or not, but those who vote. This is exceptional diligent with social media and implies a return to ideological purity of the free market almost without state intervention.

So far the political ones. In the personal sphere, doesn’t fit either in the canons. There is no nothing typical of the “establishment” english your resume Who is Liz Truss? What is your environment?

left handed parents

Trot was born in Leeds 47 years ago in a middle class family. His parents They were on the left but Liz broke the mold and began her career as an economist in Conservative Party. Little by little he climbed the political ladder. In 2006, she was elected Councilor for Greenwich; later, in 2010, it was national representative for South West Norfolk County. Two years later, in 2012, he entered the governmentwhere she was Education Secretary, Secretary of State for the Environment – where she is remembered for her passionate defense of British cheese – and Equalities Secretary.

However, he began to gain popularity when he had to negotiate some of the more complex aspects of Brexit as Secretary of State for International Trade and now as The Minister of Foreign Affairs.

“Horrified” by his daughter’s ideology

Truss’s mother, a nurse, took her in as a child demonstrations against Thatcher and on nuclear proliferation. His father, a maths teacher, did not know he had joined the Conservative Party until discovered “terrible” a letter from the party in the mailbox, according to what she herself said.

Marriage and infidelity

Liz Truss got married 22 years ago to Hugh O’Leary, an economist whom he met at a Conservative Party rally. You could say the story didn’t get off to a good start as O’Leary did a sprained ankle on their first date. “I literally fell in love with you,” the accountant then told his would-be girlfriend, making a pun on “falling” (“falling in love” and also “falling”).

Marriage has two daughters and settled in Norfolk, but their marriage was not a smooth one. In 2006, it came to light romance of politics with the Conservative MP Mark Field. His story lasted 18 months and when it was made public, it spelled the end of the marriage for Field. However, Truss’s husband managed to forgive her and today the two maintain their relationship.

A swoon in a full-blown debate over Boris Johnson’s succession

Obsessed with STEM

During his tenure as a councilor in Greenwich, Tross demonstrated his involvement in educational matters. His obsession was to support STEM education (an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Perhaps encouraged by her father’s profession, she decided to start with the most elementary – the study of mathematics – and for this she allocated a large part of her budget to training and hiring more teachers in mathematics, providing extraordinary funding to schools that strengthen this area.

Smart with social media

If there’s one thing Truss can’t be denied, it’s his nose for marketing. It is clear that digital identity is mainly for achieve success in any business, including politics. It is widely used in social networks where it shows a combination of originality, humor and some more typical phrases of a self help bookwithout forgetting the institutional.

The use of networks has awakened concern not only among his political opponents, but also among his own colleagues at headquarters, who renamed the acronym to English in his portfolio, DIT (Department of International Trade), as Truss Instagram department.

No small talk

Politicians have no problem expressing what they think, no matter how “politically incorrect” this sounds. His belief is that of a extreme liberalism which brings him closer to Margaret Thatcher, hence the former prime minister’s inevitable nickname, something he personally dislikes. However, like Thatcher, he firmly believes it supporting entrepreneurship without the constraints of public policies.

They were legendary confrontations (euphemism for “battles”) with Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labor Party and staunch defender of great government policies. In the political struggle, many did compared to a Rottweiler, with only one difference: the Rottweiler lets go of its prey; Farm, no.

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