A couple from Bosnia and Herzegovina drove a Volvo FH460 around the world 30 times

According to experts, the basis of reliability and longevity is regular maintenance and a reasonable controller. For this reason, they advise regular maintenance at an authorized workshop, which at all times, with the help of accurate diagnostic equipment and trained service technicians, will give the best treatment to the engine and its accompanying parts. Even more than that, breakdowns occur that no one can predict, but among the hundreds of thousands of trucks you can find ones that have not succumbed to any task, nor needed a visit to the emergency service, even after a million kilometers of travel. .

And when a truck’s mileage shows a seven-figure number, it means only one thing: undisputed quality and adherence to the maintenance plan. We found one of them in Bosnia and Herzegovina: the transport company Sezato from Sarajevo bought it in 2013. It was the first truck in the fleet with a Euro VI engine, which according to Tarik Zilich , the owner of the company, represents something of a turning point in the business. Until then, this transport company had been testing different types and brands of trucks for 17 years, so the new Volvo FH460 Euro 6 was a real refresh of the fleet. At that time, the company had nine trucks, seven of which were Volvo. Experience shows that among all trucks, Volvo trucks have proven to be the most reliable and economical.

Žilić says that just before he bought a new truck, he made a good deal, so he needed a reliable truck that could satisfy a very demanding customer: one type of cargo had to be transported from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Spain, and the other immediately after .. from Portugal, on the same route to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As interesting as his target was, so was his crew. The driving duo sat behind the wheel: Emir Palo and Amela Palo, husband and wife, both experienced professional drivers who learned heavy truck driving skills long ago. His work at Sezat began in 2013 with a newly arrived truck.

Even the first tour went to distant Portugal, both the first and the last with this truck, because this incredible tandem came to Portugal with this truck exactly 200 times. Thus, in less than nine years, they traveled almost one million and 200 thousand kilometers with the Volvo FH460 Euro 6 truck.

And now the most important thing: 1,200,000 kilometers without a single breakdown! Without the slightest malfunction! The fact is that there are many trucks of this type running on European roads, and one of them ended up in a transport company in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where it is still in use.

Most of the 200 “tours” to Portugal ended in Porto, but the main cargo arrived in Spain, in Vigo, the city where the Citroen car plant is located. The cargo arrived at various transit destinations in Spain, but exclusively at car plants with Seat, Nissan or Ford emblems on the doors.

Volvo has always supplied leather upholstery for the seats of these cars that are produced in Bosnia and Herzegovina to these plants without delay. There are several well-known places where a red Volvo FH460 with the inscription Sezato in the cab arrives every week for loading: leather upholstery is loaded at the premises of the BH Prevent company in Visoko, Gorusha, Zenica, Gorazde and Zepce, and in a few days they always arrive at their destinations In Spain. When the unloading is finally finished, the Volvo arrives the same day in Portugal, in Porto, which is about 150 kilometers from Vigo, where it is loaded with raw material for the same upholstery, from where it arrives again in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the same place where the upholstery, completed eight days earlier, it was loaded and the same round again.

The track is about 6,000 kilometers long and on one route the Palo tandem transports 5,000 sets of leather upholstery intended for the European automotive industry. This means that the Volvo FH460 in 200 laps has “equipped” up to a million cars with leather seats. Emir Palo says that the goods for one tour weigh between seven and ten tons, and the average fuel consumption for 200 rounds is 26.5 liters. All the while, his Volvo FH460 consumed a total of 318,000 liters of fuel, 19,000 liters of AdBlue fluid and never once left them in the “filter” in nine years. The engine runs for 17,700 hours while the crankshaft rotates one billion and 170 million times.

The data is interesting and fascinating, but none of this would have been possible if the transport company Sezato had not fully complied with the prescribed service intervals and maintenance plan. Your well-being depends on it. This truck is known to the service technicians at the authorized Volvo Trucks workshop in Sarajevo for the fact that it remains on the service line for a very short time, long enough to carry out an inspection and replace consumables. Thus, the service “log” records that this truck visited the service station 12 times and that it “spent” 390 liters of oil, 36 oil filters, 12 fuel filters, 12 cabin filters, 12 dryers, six air filters. for the engine, 12 fuel separators, a set of discs, two sets of belts with tensioners, the gearbox oil and the differential has been changed twice. After 1,150,000 kilometers, the masters advised to change the clutch, but when they disassembled it, they were convinced that it could go at least another half a million kilometers without problems even with the existing one. When you draw a line under everything, the regular maintenance costs for this truck over nine years add up to just over 25,000 KM. In addition to all this, there are also several minor service interventions carried out in regular workshops. In addition, the truck has “worn out” four sets of front and five sets of rear tires throughout. In addition to all this, there are also several minor service interventions carried out in regular workshops. In addition, the truck has “worn out” four sets of front and five sets of rear tires throughout. In addition to all this, there are also several minor service interventions carried out in regular workshops. In addition, the truck has “worn out” four sets of front and five sets of rear tires throughout.

Emir Palo and his wife Amela share that one of the most difficult moments in their lives was when they had to part with “their” truck. That is, the owner decided to modernize, so he enriched the fleet with a new Volvo FH460 truck, but with the full I-Save fuel economy package and a modern dual-clutch gearbox. A unique “crew” took care of the newcomer and already made several identical tours to Portugal. While they don’t hide their emotions about the truck they spent almost nine years in together, they assure that the new truck is without a doubt even better. It is more comfortable, safer and better equipped, and its average consumption under the same conditions is 22 liters. For one lap they recorded a consumption of only 20.8 liters, which is a fantastic result.

It is easy in the end to calculate how much savings the new Volvo FH 460 will bring, but with the I-Save package, on the new 200 “tours” to Portugal. If the conditions are identical, the owner of the Sezato company can expect the new truck to consume about 54,000 liters of fuel less than its predecessor.

Also interesting is the fact that the owner of the company long ago decided to keep the truck that surpassed the first million. New tasks were already assigned to him, another driver immediately took them over, so the truck practically did not rest. They say they expect at least another million with it.

Thus, Volvo proved that millions are just numbers, not obstacles that cannot be crossed. They also clearly say that this Volvo FH460 has circled the Earth up to 30 times without a single breakdown.

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