This was agreed upon by Carla Tarazona and Rafael Fernandez during a conciliation meeting

Magaly Medina reads the agreements between Carla Tarazona and Rafael Fernandez | Magaly TV: The Company

Magali Medina had direct access to the document in which all the agreements reached by them are read Carla Tarazona and Rafael Fernandez officially file for your divorce. We recall that the businessman gave him a van, which is not in the name of his wife yet, and promised to pay for the education of the driver’s children.

However, their surprising separation made them reveal more than one detail of their intimate life and even popular “egg cup” faced the cameras to give more than one statement about end of their marriage while the announcer preferred silence.

After a televised engagement, this Friday afternoon, the two met again at a reconciliation center and reached various agreements to make their divorce easier.

The lawyer Carla Viso appeared on the show Magali Medina and gave details of what was experienced in reconciling the delay between Rafael Fernandez and Carla Tarazona. According to the lawyer, both were quite sensitive after seeing each other again a week after announcing their separation.

“Today the culture of peace triumphs. A great feat was done, which was to convince the problems that husbands usually have.” commented at the beginning. He also revealed that the husband still admits that they still love each other even though they are no longer together.

Carla Tarazona ended her marriage to Rafael Fernandez. | Instagram

at another time, Magali Medina He told about the agreements that the ex-partner had reached. He indicated that the van would remain in Carla Tarazona’s name, and he would also keep the furniture from the house they shared, but no money was involved.

“In this reconciliation, I see that he will transfer the car to you in the next few days, notarized. He left him the entire interior, everything in the house, all the furniture, the kitchen utensils and the inventory. The furniture, the TVs, everything they bought to bring to this house, all of that stays with her,” Uraka said.

On the other hand, the lawyer was asked if there was an agreement for money, since the businessman indicated that he would leave a trust for the presenter’s children. The specialist assured that the topic was not discussed. “He didn’t have any mobile money, he didn’t remember either I give you or you give me. In the end, that’s something that surprised me.”Highly convicted.

the leader of “Magaly TV: The Company” He consulted what happened to the waiting period of Carla Tarazona from the house he shared with Fernandez in La Molina. The lawyer indicated that the days were extended so the former model would have two months until retirement and that if she could not comply, she would retain alimony for her still-husband.

“The deadline was extended, the contract expires in two months, Rafael found that if she can’t leave the house in two months, no problem, don’t worry. That he can leave whenever he wants and when he finds an apartment to settle in,” he said.

Lawyer Daniel Leyva said Carla and Rafael are separated by separate property.  (instagram)
Attorney Daniel Leyva said Carla and Rafael are separated by separate property. (instagram)

during the program “Magaly TV: The Company” on Tuesday, August 30, Carla Tarazona She entered into communication with “Urraca” and was asked if she was free to go to a reconciliation center with her husband still in the company of the lawyer Carla Viso. He immediately accepted, assuring that he wanted to close this topic.

“Magali if you tell me to go tomorrow Thursday or Friday and sign the settlement agreement I will gladly go because what I want to end right now is this situation because I have 3 children. I want to be calm right now and be good for them, that’s the only thing that’s going to matter to me and what I want to do is finish in peace and finish in peace,” he said.

After that, the presenter of the show promised to communicate with the businessman from “egg end” to reach an agreement and have that meeting take place this Friday, September 2, and thus end any relationship they have together.


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