Neutrality and naturalness: These are the interior design trends this spring

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“We should try to free and calm the view and the spaces, regardless of the style. Bring nature into habitats,” said renowned designer Johanna Reboledo to La Cuarta Constructor.

For many Chileans, spring means a time of rebirth, of blooming together with nature and the warmth that is slowly approaching much of our country.

One of the compatriots’ customs is to decorate their homes for the national holidays and later in the summer, and what better way to do it hand in hand with the new trends of the season.

Johanna Rebolledo, coordinator of the AIEP School of Design, Art and Communication, spoke to La Cuarta Constructor, describing some of the most important aspects to consider at the end of 2022 and the beginning of the new year.

See home as a refuge

Every home reflects our lifestyle and the personality of its owners or occupants. For this reason, the professional’s recommendation is to create a pleasant space with a welcoming and natural theme.

“The home is the refuge that allows us to disconnect from the day to day and above all today the need for spaces not only to stop for a short time but also to take care of the pleasure of each area and that they are compatible with the activities carried out in parallel from each member of the family group,” Reboledo pointed out.

He added that “these changes in everyday life are currently influencing and enhancing interior design and design trends that have been sustained for several years towards some simpler formal features, more neutral tones and more welcoming textures.”

“It should be noted that the design pays attention to comfort, considering a set of factors, needs and characteristics of each user and family group, their activities, lifestyle, so the result is a combination of functionality and style according to tastes and expectations, generate that unique space that provides quality of life”, added the teacher.

Simplicity: less is more

A comfortable space does not necessarily require a lot of funds and funds invested in it, but it can be given with minimalism and well-thought-out lighting.

“Some world-class styles retain their trend (…) simplicity, minimalism, nature, rusticity, tranquility, order, warmth and sophistication in construction details and finishes,” he assured.

The important thing is that decoration and design always adapt to the people who inhabit the space, taking into account the time they spend in it and their own needs and resources.

“It is advisable to think about the good use of natural lighting and to adapt the artificial lighting to the different spaces: the warmest are for resting, while the coldest are for performing activities that require more attention. It is recommended that the equipment and furniture be in similar shapes and finishes, which allow us to organize and store elements of our activity”, assured the academician.

naturalness and neutrality

Each element of the home decoration, such as furniture, plants, paintings, among others, should have a life of its own, so the room should be painted with neutral colors to give that accent to the items.

“Neutral colors with more pastel and darker tones in some cases with details and color accents and prints on objects and/or furniture that are the focus of attention, but maintaining uniformity throughout the environment. Coverings for both walls and floors that bring the naturalness of materials such as stone and wood. As well as the integration of natural species such as plants that bring freshness and vitality to the interior, ensuring that they are in places where they have the necessary amount of light”, said Johanna Rebolledo.

He added that “we should try to free and calm the view and the spaces, regardless of the style. Bring nature into habitats, a break from our jobs or activities in the city, something that reminds us of the natural”.

“The choice of every detail is essential for our refuge to be that ideal place that provides us with shelter and comfort. If you need guidance to guide the coverage of our way of life, do not hesitate to seek advice from specialists in the design of spaces, equipment and environment,” he said.

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