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Esteban Mateo She hadn’t slept all week thinking about how to propose to her boyfriend, George KnightI dreamed of this moment a long time ago and I didn’t want to let any more time pass. In that when they had planned a trip to Europe and he knew this was the perfect time to make that wish come true.

Esteman brings his love, freedom and explosive beat

Then he pulled out Esteman (his stage name) and decided this his greatest declaration of love would be with a song. thinks Paris, the place where he not only lived for a year, but also where his parents got engaged; she imagined her friend sitting in front of the Seine, wine in hand, telling him how much it meant to him as the sun set. “I took the urgent words and turned them into a song,” said the Colombian in an interview for this newspaper.

He was born that way A day in Paris his recent theme in which he shows “how love can connect two people on a level that goes beyond, that is almost spiritual, that is almost energetic, that it’s like you’ve met someone from another life.” That is, his story with Jorge.

A cover of the song “A Day in Paris” where Esteman and her boyfriend Jorge Cabello appear.

“It’s a song that’s part of a story with my friend, but it’s been really nice to see people make it their own. It’s good to see that a number of people on tour have already written to me to use the song to dedicate and propose to their partners.” mentions the artist.

Those moments that he dreamed of so much came true on July 19 this year. A video shared by the Colombian on his social networks showed how the romantic and long-awaited hand proposal went down in Paris, where Esteman is seen nervous and with a screaming voice as he sings to his boyfriend. “It was very nice because it ended up being a very special moment, very meaningful for both of us, and Jorge was in shock“, he remembers with a twinkle in his eye.

“It was nice to share it and celebrate it with people, make it visible as well as who we are. It’s amazing that people see two men love each other.” continues the artist, who since revealing his engagement has received a mountain of messages of congratulations and love from his followers.

The song also explores a spacey, electronic and even futuristic pop sound while maintaining substance and identity in its melodies. “It’s a song that also marks the beginning of a new soundscape, musically, I think that opens the way for this upcoming fifth album,” refers.

video clip

Esteman, the Colombian singer presents his song “One Day in Paris”. Photo: Courtesy

A day in Paris It is complemented by a video that shows two elf-like characters from another dimension lovingly sharing their days. The audiovisual film was co-directed with Marcelo Quiñones, who has been responsible for his other videos. “It seemed nice to bring it into fantasy, after all I’ve always felt like an alien… I said it in another song that I come and go from another planet,” Esteman expresses.

The video was a secret and a white lie also for her boyfriend, who is one of the heroes of the audio-visual and participated in it, not imagining that he would be part of the surprise that Esteman prepared for him.. “I sold him another video”confirmed the Colombian, who had his entire team as accomplice.

“First I had to convince Jorge to appear in the video, but he didn’t understand that this song was part of his (hand) request. So I sold another story to Jorge since I started writing the song, I told him I’m writing another song and I showed him another one I’m doing that also talks about us,” he says.

“After he recorded his shots, he left and from there I stayed from one in the morning until six in the morning recording my shots, which were the ones he couldn’t see.” Add.

Love and sing freely

Esteman is happy to express in his songs all these sensations and feelings with complete freedom and without restrictions. Remember that your disc Free love He was key in this process because in that he exposed his vulnerability and it was very real, starting to show who Esteban is outside of Esteman. “At that point there was a click in my career (…) It’s nice to get to that point without limiting yourself and not letting yourself get carried away by fear or what they’re going to say,” reflect

Esteman, the Colombian singer presents his song “One Day in Paris”. Photo: Courtesy

“At the end of the day, the songs I write come from a side that is sometimes personal and sometimes not so personal, but rather showing feelings on the surface, and I think people see that from a very real and honest place. I think it’s a sum of connecting with something that’s very honest, added to the same tunes, to the staging that I have to bring dance, theater and music together,” he adds.

“Milagrosa,” Colombian Esteman’s song that affirms and empowers transwomen

Currently on a concert tour in some cities in the region, he promises that he has Ecuador on his to-do list. “We will be there, no doubt. It will definitely happen”is stated therein. (YO)

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