Floor 21 brings to Mexico love, heartbreak and perreo

With recognition from his label, for the achievement 10 billion viewsand with a call to their fans to follow their dreams, was like the members of the Colombian band 21 floors celebrated their second National audiencewhich is part of yours love, heartbreak and perreo tour.

David Escobar, Lorduy Hernandez, Juan David Huertas “El Profe” and Pablo Mejia threw the house out the window, presenting a production that included fireworks, LED screens, dancers, five excellent musicians and the best of their repertoire, such as “You call me” and “Báilame slowly” which were the songs they opened the night with.

“Good night Mexico, this is our second national audience, the first one was two years ago, but due to the pandemic we moved from our second home, which almost became our first home, because we spent a lot of time here and I already feel Mexican. Tonight is special because this tour covers this landscape, it is love and perreo”, said David Escobar, who wore a T-shirt with the image of Luis Miguel and the legend Romances; before singing “Kissing you”.

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The songs “Mató mi corazón” and “Te amo” followed, which was one of the most chanted and the guys from Piso 21 gave it a special atmosphere by turning off the stage lights so that people turned on the light of their cell phones and made them dance back and forth to the beat of the music.

Later in a video where Pablo told the public that they will give them an unforgettable night where they will sing songs for all times from painful to romantic that they will enjoy; Immediately after, the four took the stage again as the dancers performed sensual choreography as El amor en tiempo del perreo played.

The concert began to get lively when they set up a table with tequila, four horses and a Mexican flag, and with the phrase “up, down to the center and in” the four shot each other and then sang their version of “The King”, provoking the crowd’s emotion and making all to sing, and in order not to clash, they continued with papa “forget me about her”.

“Who likes perreo?” Lorduy said, causing the Auditorium to erupt in cheers, and commented that for this they brought a friend from Puerto Rico and welcomed Lenny Tavárez to sing CXO (who doesn’t), setting the spirits high.

Things escalated when they decided to bring in a girl from the audience so that Lenny could give her the VIP experience, and while Toda was singing, there was a lot of direct contact with the intrepid guest, because in addition to a very sensual dance by a Puerto Rican, there was also an attempt at a kiss, which she did not rejected.

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To the crowd’s surprise, the boys from Piso 21 returned to the stage, but appearing between the seats as they sang “Ellipsis”, it was the opportunity to bring them together, if only for a moment.

The surprise of the evening came when they received recognition from Warner Music for 10 billion views, quite an achievement in the music industry, and David Escobar said that it was all due to the love and support of his fans and He remembered that years ago they dreamed of something like this and despite everything they managed to make that dream come true, so they asked their followers to go ahead with their plans, no matter how crazy, finally the four embraced and immediately gave way to the Darling theme, for which they were accompanied on video by Ferxxo.

The party continued with lots of music and talking to the audience when they found a girl named Marta in the seats who was at her bachelorette party so they brought her up on stage and told her it was the best decision she made and to remember , that love was building day by day and they dedicated the song A life to Remember to him.

The concert was coming to an end when they performed the songs “Mami” and “Tan bonita” only to later leave “Profe” alone on stage and show off his guitar skills playing some rock solos, but that was the preamble to finish the evening with “I saw you”.

As expected, they asked for one more and the members of Piso 21 returned to the stage to sing “Los cachos” and “Déjala que reto”, thus ending a night where no one was out of place, because the dance was the main ingredient.

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