Carla Tarazona and Rafael Fernandez: Separation Announcement, Controversial Statements and Settlement Agreement

Carla Tarazona and Rafael Fernandez apparently ended their marriage on good terms after a rather contentious week.

Carla Tarazona Y Rafael Fernandez They were about to celebrate two years of marriage, the photos they posted of gifts and expensive trips did not make them imagine that they were in the midst of a crisis, because on August 26, they published a statement on the networks announcing their separation.

This announcement left their followers speechless after they unfollowed them on Instagram and even though the agreement said they would not testify, Rafael was the first to break the agreement.

Statement by Carla Tarazona.  (instagram)
Statement by Carla Tarazona. (instagram)

On Sunday, August 28,The king of eggs gave an exclusive interview to the journalist Magali Medina in his new apartment and this conversation was broadcast on Monday the 29th on the ATV show.

In this interview he said a few specific things, firstly he completely ruled out that there was a third party on his side and on Carla’s side that caused the breakup.

“For my part, I have not met anyone and I have no intention of establishing a relationship. Third parties don’t exist and I don’t think so on Carla’s side either. (An ampay) did not pass if he was not calm,” he said.

He also comments that love has worn off and that they have many differences that cannot be resolved and cause feelings to change.

Rafael Fernandez talks about his breakup with Carla Tarazona and assures that he gave one hundred percent so that his marriage does not end. (Magaly TV La Firme)

“Deep down, there were breaks that weren’t healed, and in my case, that made the love fray. Yes, the love started to go away, that’s the truth. I gave 100 percent of myself. I wouldn’t want it because it would be for life, but when you see that the thread is not moving forward and for the smallest thing you explode, for my peace and tranquility I saw no future for him, “he added.

He then made unwise comments comparing the support he wanted to give in their higher education to the children of Carla Tarazona with social work.

“I think they’re worthwhile guys in a couple of ways. They are very affectionate, express a lot of love. Magaly, if I help ordinary pots, it will not cost me anything to make a fund for them. I know guys who have accomplished a few things with few resources, it would be to take advantage of that,” he said.

He also accused Christian Dominguez to disturb his peace and that of his wife whenever they find him at his house in La Molina. Although Fernandez would not elaborate on that, the driver admitted what the businessman told her off camera.

When Christian Dominguez and Carla Tarazona began to have a better relationship for the sake of their child, it slightly changed the peace and tranquility of the married couple because Christian entered the house to spend time with his son. He (Rafael) admitted to us that it worried him a lot,and Christian’s constant presence in the house became uncomfortable,” Magali said.

Rafael Fernandez did not want Cristian Dominguez to enter his house when he was going to pick up his son with Carla Tarazona. (Magaly TV La Firme)

To resolve it, Rafael and Carla reached an agreement. “After there was some sort of friction, the arrangement was for Christian to take his son out of the house. Stand at the door and do not enter again. That’s what he told us” said the ATV host.

Finally, he explained that they were married with separate properties and everything he had given the radio host he would not want and would leave in her name.

The statements you made Rafael Fernandez to cover the education of the children of Carla Tarazona because “as well as help general pots how not to do it with the boys“, the parents of the television actress’ children were very nervous.

The first to come forward to express his discomfort was leonard lion, father of Carla’s two oldest children. He commented on these words of his on television “they influence their children psychologically” and assured that the poultry businessman does it because “He loves the cameras.”

Leonard Leon is calling
Leonard Leon calls Rafael Fernandez an “ass” for talking about his kids and education on TV. (instagram).

the next day, Christian Dominguez he fumed on his TV show America Today to answer Raphael. He mentioned that his son, the third Carla had, had working parents who had always taken care of him and asked him then to come out publicly to make amends.

“That bothered me. My son doesn’t need anyone, he has two parents who work, but what (Rafael) said, he painted the whole body,” said the singer.

Cristian Dominguez asks Rafael Fernandez to correct himself for talking about his son. | America today

On the other hand, the leader of “The Grand Orchestra He also made a clarification when Rafael revealed that Carla has been in contact with Christian very often, hinting that this will be one of the reasons for their breakup.

“He has implied that I am a problem in his marriage, even though I respect every direction of his marriage. I had no contact with the mother of my children, only spoke to the nanny (Maricarmen) and rarely saw Carla“said the artist.

In a telephone link to the program of Magali Medina, Carla Tarazona She responded loud and clear to Rafael Fernández by stating that she did not oblige him to do anything regarding the education of her three children and that she would cover the costs as she always did.

“I’m not forcing anyone to do anything. It’s not your responsibility. I have always been responsible for my children’s things and I will continue to be so,” said the radio presenter.

Similarly, she said that she did not expect the end of her marriage and with psychological help she had already learned to let go and leave people, so she said that she was experiencing her own grief.

“Many things have happened these days that make the love that was felt at that time fall away. I fought for my marriage until the end, but sometimes love is not enough. I accept it too. I didn’t expect my marriage to end, but it’s better now than later when there are kids.”Carla Tarazona added.

Carla Tarazona responds to Rafael Fernandez and sends him a warning. | Pan American Television.

But in communication again with her program D’Mañana, on Thursday, September 1, Carla Tarazona expressed her irritation and her irritation with the businessman for mentioning his children.

“For starters, I think people who know me know that I work and everything I’ve done in my life. I’m not afraid to leave this house and go somewhere else because I have the right pants to rebuild my life and start from scratch because it’s not my first time.” she said rather awkwardly.

On the afternoon of Friday, September 2, Carla Tarazona and Rafael Fernandez The individuals were again seen at a conciliation center to start their divorce proceedings and agree on who should keep some of the assets.

They then went to dinner at Club Regatas and strolled along the Miraflores promenade, thus demonstrating that their separation was on good terms.

The lawyer Carla Viso appeared on the show “Magaly TV: The Company” and recounted the details of the reconciliation experience between Rafael and Carla. She revealed that the couple have yet to admit that they still love each other even though they are no longer together.

Magali had the couple’s agreement and detailed it point by point. Rafael will transfer the truck he gave to Carla through a notary and allow her to keep the furniture and all the interior of the house they shared in La Molina.

Magaly Medina reads the agreements between Carla Tarazona and Rafael Fernandez | Magaly TV: The Company

“In this reconciliation, I see that he will transfer the car to you in the next few days, notarized. He left him the entire interior, everything in the house, all the furniture, the kitchen utensils and the inventory. The furniture, the TVs, everything they bought to bring to this house, all of that stays with her,” Uraka said.

Similarly, Medina Vela asked the lawyer what happened to Carla’s withdrawal period from the house and she commented that the period was extended to two months until the end of the contract.

Rafael found that if after two months he can’t leave the house, no problem, don’t worry. That he can leave whenever he wants and when he finds an apartment to settle in”convicted.


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