Jose Antonio Garcia: the mind behind Grupo Pachuca?

Since bursting onto the Mexican soccer scene as the owner of Tuzos in 1995, Jesus Martinez Patinho and Grupo Pachuca have become one of the most important soccer conglomerates in Mexico and Latin America.

Their successes in Pachuca were replicated in Leon and led them to expand into Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

But the latest jewel in the crown is the acquisition of Real Oviedo from Spain’s second division, where a few weeks ago they became majority partners with a smaller percentage for Carlos Slim and local shareholders.

Now, however, there is a version that indicates that some of the ideas and successes of Grupo Pachuca did not come from Jesus Martinez or even from anyone in the conglomerate, but rather from José Antonio García.

And it is that in an interview with Jorge “Burro” Van Rankin for Saga Fut, the former president of Atlante and Club León revealed that he was the one who gave Jesus Martínez Patinho the idea to buy Fiera in late 2010. and he would even serve as an intermediary with Jacobo Batarse to negotiate the acquisition of Team Emerald.

He even mentioned that Martinez Patinho’s relationship with the directors of the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) would be crucial to the eventual emerald promotion.

“Jacobo wants to sell it (to Leon), I’m with a group to buy it, and suddenly Alvaro Dávila says to me: ‘Tell Jesus Martinez to go with you, he’ll put it on you,’ “And why would he upload it to me?’, ‘Well because he has good diplomatic skills with those in black’ and I said, ‘Well’.

Toño García then pitches the business to Jesus Martínez, who agrees to buy León in partnership with him.

“Finally I sit down with Jesus Martínez and say to him: ‘Hey, we’re going to buy Leon, it’s worth six million dollars, I’ll get 30%, I’m interested, Leon is a good place, excellent fans, noble, has a good history, strategically well located in the Mexican republic” and he tells me: “Let me think, let me see””.

After this conversation, Jacobo Batarse received a first offer to buy León from Valente Aguirre, but José Antonio García intervened, so he chose the Grupo Pachuca option.

“I go to Los Angeles and Jacobo talks to me and says, ‘Toño, I have Valente Aguirre’s checks here, I’m going to close the business,’ and I say to him, ‘No, don’t close it,’ “but you? Are you going to enter it?”, and I say, “Yes, I’m going to enter it with Jesus Martinez”. So I’m talking to Jesus Martinez, Jesus starts with Fassi, and suddenly Jacobo changes his room and says to me: “I’m alone. Yes do i close with them? will you go with them?

So Jacobo Batarse accepted the offer of Jesus Martinez and the Pachuca group. But just then Jose Antonio García assures that Jesus Martinez took him out of the game and acquired Club Leon on his own.

“Suddenly, Jesus Martinez spoke to me and said: ‘Toño, I don’t want partners, I don’t have partners and I will give you one million 200 thousand dollars in commission.’ I told him, ‘Bastard, you have no word, you don’t honor your word, I took over the business for you’ and we got rid of it.”

But that was not all, but Toño García assures that he also gave Jesus Martinez the idea to buy Real Oviedo from Spain.

According to his version, two years after purchasing León, he met with Jesus Martinez, who told him that he would give him five million pesos as compensation for the Fiera business. However, José Antonio proposed to be partners in Oviedo.

“He (Jesus Martinez) told me, ‘Well, Toño, I’ll give you five million pesos.’ And I tell him, ‘I’ll take it and I’ll offer you something. You already left me out of Leona, but we will buy Oviedo. My father is a fan of Oviedo and I bring desire and collect because we have to get there. He told me: “The shares belong to Alberto Gonzalez”, and I told him: “No, Alberto Gonzalez has the shares, but they are pledged, that is, mortgaged in the bank. The day of the capital increase should come with two million euros and we bought Oviedo, it’s a great square, a great city, my father’s city…’ and he told me: ‘No, I can’t right now’ ”.

José Antonio García said he would accept the five million pesos, but days later Real Oviedo was bought by Carlos Slim and Arturo Elias Ayoub, then partners of Jesus Martínez in Grupo Pachuca.

“And Arturo Elias Ayoub appeared eight days later, paying the two million euros and staying in Oviedo, and I was abandoned.”

Until now, Grupo Pachuca has not commented on this version, but the truth is that almost a decade later, the Tuzo conglomerate already owns the Spanish team in partnership with Carlos Slim.

What do you think of this version? How do you think the history of León and Grupo Pachuca would have been if José Antonio García had bought La Fiera together with Jesus Martinez?

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