Currently, no one vaccinated against smallpox is immune to monkeypox

Although the death rate from monkeypox is low, cases continue to rise in various countries around the world.

Dr. Javier Morales, director of clinical research and infectious disease specialist. Photo: Journal of Medicine and Public Health. Fabiola Plaza.

The global coordination mechanisms to limit the smallpox monkey, which has occurred in 88 countries, with 30,189 confirmed cases, are aimed at vaccination of the population that has been exposed to a virus or be a positive case.

In Puerto Rico, the Department of Health began with vaccination from this population using vaccines approved by the US The island currently has 34 confirmed cases, most of them elderly men, and has 23 treatment centers. vaccination activated.

For this, Dr. Javier Morales, infectious disease specialistpointed out that the way to control the monkeypox is to avoid factors of exposition and get vaccinated. He even suggested vaccination for a preliminaryexpositionthat is, if doctors know that one of their patients may be exposed in the next few days to a virusit would be most advisable to administer the vaccine to monkeypoxbut biological preparations are allowed only for cases after suspected contact.

The usual incubation period for a virus it may last about ten days, in which the patient will present himself symptom non-specific such as fever, headache, muscle pain, back pain and symptom respiratory which infectious disease specialist states that they “usually have lymphadenopathy.

However, they can also be skin lesions that are similar to those of chicken pox and usually appear on the palms of the hands and feet. “It is precisely because of this symptom that patients initially go to clinics for sexually transmitted diseases, because, for example, syphilis presents lesions on the palms of the hands and feet, but mainly smallpox de mono is a viral disease that can be mistaken for any infection,” explained Dr. Morales.

It should be noted that a virus It is not classified as a sexually transmitted infection, but as a virus that it is transmitted by contact, given that risk factors identified by doctors and health institutions are aimed at people with an average age of 35 years who have traveled or travel regularly, who have repeated sexual contacts with unknown people of the same sex and/or expose themselves to sites that facilitate the spread of monkeypox.

Due to the above, vaccines are approved for use in people who have had close contact with a confirmed or suspected case of a virus and people who have had multiple sexual partners or skin-to-skin contact with strangers in the past 21 days.

They are currently using vaccines from smallpox Because this a virus is genetically similar to smallpox monkey Several countries use antiviral drugs and vaccines which are developed to protect against smallpoxeradicated in 1980

The vaccines JYNNEOS and ACAM2000 are US approved for use, but ACAM2000 should not be used in people who have certain health problems such as a weakened immune system, skin conditions (atopic dermatitis), or if they are pregnant.

In this regard, Dr. Javier Morales emphasized that Puerto Ricans who have been exposed to a virus you can go to get vaccinated at points authorized by the Ministry of Health as there is a large supply of vaccines.

“The Ministry of Health has more than 1,000 doses available for the first monkeypox vaccine A virus and one is revaccinated by 28 days, that is, with the second dose, but few people in Puerto Rico are vaccinated,” he explained.

He further pointed out that it was estimated that the mortality of smallpox mono of 10%, but it is minimal. With vaccine treatment and isolation for 21 days, the spread of the virus can be limited. a virus“not only do you have to use the mask, but you also have to disinfect the various objects that the person comes into contact with.”

Likewise, Dr. Morales emphasized the importance of vaccines to prevent these infections. “What has made it possible for man to have a life expectancy of approximately 80 years is public health, penicillin, sulfate for bacterial infections, isoniazid for tuberculosis, and vaccines“.

And finally, on infectious disease specialist stated that no man today is immune to smallpox wave monkeypoxeven people who got the vaccine before 1980, so it’s important to protect yourself because they don’t have these antibodies.

“The smallpox it was declared eradicated from the world around 1980, I was given this vaccine when I was a child but no longer have the antibodies. My children who were born after 1980 are not vaccinated because it was already eradicated, those vaccines are kept as it is not known whether smallpox it can be used as a terrorist attack because it has a mortality rate of 30%,” he added.

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