Article: Meet the 28 certificates that can now be claimed online

Thanks to the online apostille service, it will no longer be necessary to process these certificates in person. Thus, of all documents delivered by the Civil Registry, 70% can be issued and apostilled.

The Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, together with the “Civil Registry and Identification” Office, presented news in the Apostille online servicewhich will allow almost thirty certificates to no longer have to be processed in person, which, in addition to making life easier for citizens, will allow the public services to be relieved.

Total, From July 1, 28 certificates from the Civil Registry can be apostilled. The request is made at the time of their application through the website, just by selecting the relevant field. This is an important advance, as prior to this implementation, Apostille could only be done at the main offices of each region.

The Apostille is a unique certificate that has been in effect in Chile since August 2016, applicable to public or private documents that have an official certificate issued in a member country of the Apostille Convention to be used in another of those countries.

The Chilean Apostille has the following characteristics:

electronics: It is of the “e-Apostille” type, which means that the document is certified by an advanced electronic signature and its authenticity can be verified through an online consultation system.

Decentralized and decentralized attention: Users can turn to the competent services and authorities for placing an apostille on their documents in all regions of the country.

Free: The procedure or exercise of apostille of a document is free for the user.

Certificates that can be apostilled online
1 Certificate of Civil Union Agreement
two Certificate of up-to-date notes on motor vehicles
3 Reference certificate for special purposes
4 Basic certificate for personal purposes
5 Death certificate with cause of death
6 Death certificate for family benefits
7 Death certificate for all procedures
8 Certificate of disability
9 Vehicle registration certificate (padrón)
10 Marriage certificate with post-marriage record
eleven Marriage certificate for family benefits
12 Marriage certificate for all procedures
13 Birth certificate for family benefits
14 Birth certificate for registration
fifteen Birth certificate for all procedures
16 Certificate of actual possession
17 professional certificate
18 Certificate of registration of unpaid traffic fines
19 Non-profit legal entity directory certificate
twenty Historical certificate of clothing by component parts
twenty-one Certificate of registration of garments without displacement
22 Non-profit legal entity certificate
23 Certificate of disability
24 Resume of a driver
25 Report on termination of cohabitation
26 Will report registration
27 RNPE Registration Report (Courts)
28 RNPE Registration Protocol (Service)

Of the total number of documents that are apostilled in the Civil Registry, 70% can be issued and apostilled through the website of the Office.

How to get certified step by step

1. Go to

2. Add certificates to shopping cart

3. Complete details of the applicant

4. Choose whether you want the apostilled documents indicating the country in which they will be presented

5. Certificates and Apostille will be sent to the email

The 10 most apostilled documents (From 30.08.2016 to 31.05.2022)
type of the document Quantity
Birth certificate for all procedures 156,028
Photocopy of birth certificate
69,859 Reference certificate for special purposes
55,383 Marriage certificate for all procedures
32,291 Basic certificate for personal purposes
29,623 Photocopy of marriage certificate
Death certificate for all procedures 8,790
Photocopy of death certificate
7,488 Birth certificate for family benefits


Marriage certificate with inscriptions after marriage5,361 A document that cannot be apostilled online as it is requested in an office.

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