The DIF of Nuevo Leon protects Mariana Rodríguez and the governor more than the children

Nuevo Leon’s Comprehensive Family Development System defended Mariana Rodriguez and her husband, Governor Samuel Garcia, more than children in the response in which she rejects Recommendation 005/2022 issued by the State Commission on Human Rights (CEDH) for the kidnapping of a minor from the Kapulos shelter to spend the weekend at the couple’s house.

The DIF of Nuevo Leon reported in a 46-page official letter to which The list had access that the governor and his wife created a fund with its own assets to cover the needs of the minor taken in by them, as well as all the children and adolescents who are in the shelter.

The document, signed by the person in charge of the DIF office, Gloria Yvette Bazan Villarreal, states that the director of the Capulos Comprehensive Care Center for Children and Adolescents gave permission to distribute photos and videos of minors which are under the guardianship of the state.

DIF, the institution responsible for the protection of children, protects the use of social networks by Mariana Rodríguezpointing out that they are part of their private life, that they lack public interest and that no one can be subject to arbitrary interference with it.

“It is a violation and excessive that the State Human Rights Commission is trying to control a person’s social networkswhich include aspects of their private lives,” states the official letter in which DIF Nuevo León announced the rejection of Recommendation 005/2022.

In a list of eight points, the DIF states that Mariana Rodriguez, whom she calls S.1., requested written permission to cohabit with the minor, then for eight months, during a weekend at her house and that he did so in a personal capacity , as any citizen, not as an office holder I love Nuevo Leonso these actions are not subject to review by the ECtHR.

As part of the evidence, they include an image of a letter addressed to Veronica de Jesus Muñoz Rodríguez, attorney for the protection of children and adolescents in the state of Nuevo León, dated January 10, 2022.

In a second point, the DIF considers its defense of the governor’s wife, stating that “networks are not regulated, they are private and it is a right to free expression‘, so they are not subject to control by state authorities ‘much less the State Human Rights Commission’. He adds that there is no evidence to discredit “presumption of spontaneity which acts in the present case in relation to the said messages distributed on social networks, as it is a question of revealing the duties of their daily life.’

In the third point, the institution says that the social networks of “S.1. not a means of communication, but a person that, as already stated, he has developed a secure relationship with V.1 (kidnapped minor) who is in the custody of the State, which takes on particular importance given the specific conditions (…) which cannot be covered here for the protection of your sensitive data”. The last sentence is controversial, since Mariana Rodríguez herself spoke about the minor’s condition to an audience of 2 million followers, but the DIF cannot mention it in a letter addressed to the ECtHR, as it is considered sensitive.

The DIF continues its response in the fourth point, stating that there is no prejudice to the minor, his private life or his honor. “Neither the child’s honor or reputation was harmed in any way, and the child’s best interests were taken into account, as During cohabitation, he was given love and affection, which are fundamental to the optimal development of any minor.” He also warns that thanks to living with Mariana Rodríguez, the minor has had a favorable evolution in his psychomotor development.

Fifthly, the System highlights the state government’s decision to allocate more resources to improve shelter conditions and other policies, but also mentions that Samuel Garcia and Mariana Rodríguez solicited donations from individuals to create a fund.

“Support is managed not only for V.1.’s life project, but also for all NNAs (boys, girls and adolescents) under the care of the system through projects focused on raise resources from private benefactors to support their studies and other needs of the same this is the case with the same S.1. and S.2. that have created a fund for such purposes the above leads to a contribution to effective recovery…”.

DIF of Nuevo Leon defends Mariana Rodríguez and the governor more than the children - DIF-NL-recomendacion-fondo-capullos-1280x588
Capture of official letter 0218/R-7-1/2022

The system states in the sixth point that the CEDH does not have jurisdiction to hear the decisions of the Office of the Prosecutor for the Protection of Girls, Boys and Adolescents in Nuevo León, that Mariana Rodríguez made a procedure to request cohabitation with a minor like any other citizen. and that no has received preferential treatment or privileges.

He qualified the Commission’s analysis as incomplete because it did not take into account the information sent to it, and that the recommendation to create a trust was unfounded because there was no evidence that the minor had suffered any harm. He reiterates that Mariana Rodríguez and Samuel García made donations of their own assets to form a fund in DIF Nuevo Leon.

Finally, it is said that there is a gap in the analysis of the international framework regarding the right to individualize protection measures.

Mariana Rodríguez’s Social Media Potential

Mariana Rodríguez’s Instagram account has 2.3 million followers, which classifies her as influencerthat is, as a person who can generate influence on people who follow her and also makes her attractive for advertising brands of various products.

Through her social networks, she contributed to her husband’s gubernatorial campaign, airing scenes with Samuel García as the standard-bearer for the Movimiento Ciudadano. It’s still up for debate how many followers the candidate added to Rodriguez’s Instagram account or how many votes she contributed to her campaign.

Rodriguez too advertise your makeup brand therewines, clothes, food, toy brands and this is the same space where he publishes dozens of photos and videos of the children and adolescents of DIF Kapoulos who, due to their vulnerable state, are under the care of the state.

At the beginning of the administration, Rodríguez was appointed by her husband to head an office called LOVE Nuevo Leonan honorary position for which he receives no salary, and although he has no set budget, he has two coordinators under his command and reports directly to the governor’s office.

Mariana Rodríguez started going to DIF Capullos and distributing images with the faces of minors. He revealed that in support of a child allegedly suffering from cancer, he would cut his hair like him so as not to be sad, and the moment even made headlines at a national level, where the pink press came to compare him to Princess Diana.

Every day, part of her routine was to spread the clothes she was going to wear that day with a picture in front of the mirror and post moments of her holding babies, hugging children and some teenagers. In January this year, he revealed he would be taking one of the babies home for just one weekend. These days, he talks about the condition of the minor and shows pictures of him dressing, sleeping, feeding, the governor posing with him, he was dressed in the uniform of the Tigres football club and the following Monday he was returned to a shelter.

DIF in Nuevo Leon protects Mariana Rodriguez and the governor more than the children - mariana-rodriguez-capullos-samuel-garcia-human-rights-1280x701
Photo: via Instagram images

Civil society organizations protecting children’s rights, such as the Children’s Rights Network, have warned against the objectification of minors, trivializing their situation, and questioned whether images of minors are being monetized via the Internet.Rodriguez’s Instagram account.

The CEDH then launched an ex officio complaint, which resulted in Recommendation 005/2022 addressed to the State DIF, where it concluded that the coexistence in question was not in accordance with the law and that the rights of the baby were violated. in the best interest of the child; the rights to one’s own image, privacy, protection of personal data and life without violence; as well as the principles of dignity and legality.

But the DIF of Nuevo León rejected the recommendation, according to the letter sent on August 2, but the Commission gave it 10 calendar days to revise its answer and if it is still negative, it will give an opinion to the Congress of Nuevo León, so Bazán Villarreal or anyone in charge of the system to submit a report in this regard.

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