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There is one very striking fact in the life of Andrea Pietra. In 31 years as an actress, she was late for work only once.. It was because the power in the house went out and the alarm clock was on.

I was recording consequence of the truth, on Channel 13, and came crying, guilty and apologetic. He always stood for “should be” and the right thing.

And at the same time, she never had that wonderful thing of making herself wait. In fact, admits that she is very lazy to put on makeup, produces and take pictures. Disguise doesn’t suit him.

Andrea is 54 years old and is at a great time in her life. In terms of work, since 2017 he has been sharing the stage with Ricardo Darin Scenes from married life, work directed by Norma Aleandro.

They’re doing great and that’s it they toured Spain several timesand this year they may also be presented in New York, Miami and Columbia.

“Making the play and the tour brought me a lot of joy. Ricardo and I are family and besides, they love him in Spain. It’s like Maradona,” he says.

On a personal level, everything is also a pleasure. She has been in a relationship with producer Daniel Greenbank for 24 years and they have a daughter, Annie (her name is Stephanie, but the girl named herself that), who they adopted in Haiti 12 years ago.

My daughter hit 42 and it was the biggest vitamin shock I have ever received. It was pure love and joy. I have always loved waking up in the morning and sharing family time. But when she came, I liked everything three times more. I know I’m going home and anni is and this is only a plan. I know it will grow and that is the plan; and when I was little I was a hit. Annie filled me with vitality,” he says.

“My daughter turned 42 and it was the biggest vitamin shock I’ve ever had. It was pure love and joy”

Andrea Pietra

Family comes first

Andrea was born in Moron but lived in Haedo, Caballito and Boedo. The Pietranera (that’s their last name) are a family.

The grandfather had eight children. The oldest was Andrea’s father. On weekends, everyone gathered in a farmhouse in San Justo.

“We were dying of laughter. We slept with my brothers and cousins. She was very masculine as a girl. Lots of running and climbing. Very physical. In fact, they criticized me because as I got older I continued to play a lot. He called me “boy” because I loved football. But, well, something made me strong because I overcame those situations. I didn’t get stuck and of course I kept playing.”

Endurant, combative, Andrea had to gather courage to overcome an even heavier blow: the death of her mother. “I was 33 and mum was 59. She was very young. This is one of the biggest losses of my life. He had cancer, lymphoma, when my brother Fernando was born. After 30 years it happened again and he took it away. It was a very heavy blow in everyone’s life. Because we had a mother who had evolved a lot. She married a virgin and ended up talking to us with a different head. His death was a long mourning and must have affected my entire hormonal system. Today I talk about her and I start to cry. Sometimes I say, “I’m so lucky it’s happened to me before and I don’t have to go through that much pain again.” It was unbearable,” he admits.


Andrea speaks with an open heart. He looks vulnerable. He says that as soon as his mother died, he went to live with Greenbank, whom he dated for three years.

And there the idea of ​​creating a family came with greater force. And that wasn’t easy. This was followed by ten years of trying to conceive (from 30 to 40), during which she underwent three in vitro treatments that were unsuccessful.. She finally chose adoption.

And with that light, he began the process of cleansing and detoxifying his body. “Because you’re injecting, injecting, injecting hormones. They tell you it will go away when the baby is born, but if there is no baby, you have to deal with it yourself. So I started cleaning. At 33, I had already quit smoking and it had to do with looking for the baby and needing to heal my body. I am a homeopath and have always thrown the natural. I started drinking a lot of water, running and connecting with things that are good for me,” he says.

Andrea Pietra and her daughter Annie, whom she adopted 12 years ago.

– When did you say “I want to be a mother”?

I always knew I wanted to be a mother. I experienced motherhood a lot with my nieces. My sister, a year older than me, started having kids at 18. So we all went on a trip to Disney. I also took my niece Sophia when she was three on tour with me when I was vaginal monologues. Thanks to them, I discovered that being a mother has nothing to do with blood. Because for me they are also my children. They helped clear my mind when my doctor, Esther Feldman, after three IVF treatments, suggested that I do egg donation, which would have been a pretty straightforward treatment or adoption. Feldman also told me, “I have three children. When I walked past the door of my house with my newborn baby, I said, “Now what? This is where the task as a mother begins, because before that you are a pregnant woman.” That’s right. Being a mother is when you fulfill the role of a mother. And I chose adoption. Today I can tell my daughter where she was born… Everyone chooses. Fortunately, there are many avenues.

-Why adoption in Haiti?

– I was already 40 and I could not wait long with the slowness that there is in Argentina with the issue of adoption. We knew of many parents who were registered seven or eight years ago to adopt here and ended up going to Haiti, but not because they thought it was fashionable. They were so frustrated that they opted for international adoption. Also, after the earthquake there, the children left more easily because they were buzzing like flies.

-How long did the process take?

– About two years with all the criminal court checks to see if I have committed a crime, even my bank accounts, the social worker’s visits to my home to see where the girl will be sleeping. I chose this path. And as I said: for nine months of pregnancy, one should not miss sharing one’s whole life with another person who could be your child. For that I congratulate myself. And well, I had a partner by my side to accompany me. because Danny He has been to Haiti many times to form documents…

-How were the first months as a mother?

-ani it was always easy. He is the easiest person in the world. At first I slept a lot because I was understimulated. He was a beautiful six month old baby. I homeopathically tapped it because it was coming from there, from all the bugs, and I said, “We use this to boost defenses.” And you know? It never hurts! He never took an antibiotic today. anni she is always happy, she is good, she is cheerful. Her sisters are her cousins. We keep moving as a family. And she is very sociable and full of friends.

“I usually have something to regret after I’m done. I panic. I’m like, ‘Why did I accept!’ Damn it!”

Andrea Pietra

Does it say something when it looks different?

– Nothing, luckily. She always knew where she came from, she knew it was a majority white country.. We have a Haitian group. One day a year we rent a cottage and get together. There are seventy black children. In other words, he also knows that they all live in this country and are Haitian. It’s a community. He doesn’t have a single friend. But he comes, they mess around, talk to each other. And all parents are connected in case there are any questions or chat questions. Because we are going through the same experience.

-Since 2017, you have been on tour with Darin. Did you hesitate to accept it because of the family issue?

-I remember that Ricardo came to my house to propose to me. He doubted himself because anni It was a little bit. I talked to Danny about it and he said, “You have to do it. We will organize it.” I arrived at the first event in Spain upset and in tears. But it happened. Danny was always very present. Today I take this job as a gift. And traveling connects me to being alone again. I take my partner, I run, I usually do ten kilometers. So I go around the different cities. And back to your question, if I hesitate, there’s usually something to regret after taking a job…

– Why?

– I panic. I say: “Why I accepted!” i get shit! But at the same time, I like to work on things that are not easy. And even if it’s bullshit, it makes me nervous. The other day I talked about it with Ricardo, about the nerves before going on stage. It’s good that it happens to us. Still, the theater makes me happy. I used to do it too partners Y consequence of the truth on TV. Of course, everything that revolves around being an actress makes me very lazy: the production, the filming. So much so that I even said to myself, “I’ll stop acting at 40 or 50.” And now I realize that I still enjoy doing work that I really like, and as an end to a full house scenes… What I could never do is three jobs at once. I’m overwhelmed I’m very upset with schedules and punctuality. I am very much obliged to be in the profession. And half breaks the balls with truth and lies. Hypocrisy bothers me a lot.

Andrea Pietra and Ricardo Darin in Scenes from Married Life.  Photo: Gabriel Saplana.

Andrea Pietra and Ricardo Darin in Scenes from Married Life. Photo: Gabriel Saplana.

-Are you analyzing yourself?

– I did therapy for 18 years, but not now. I do yoga and run. And I have very good friends, the ones who won’t always throw crap, but care about me. It is very important to communicate with positive and good people, because if not in two minutes we will be in the oven and complain all day. And it makes us sick to the touch. I had a lot of grief when I was young in my life: two friends died, my mother… Every time someone died it was a shock. It helps me appreciate life and remember good advice. They are messages that strengthen me and push me to be better.

– Would you change something about yourself?

– My intolerance. I want to tame her. And my strong speaking tone. I have a brother with hearing loss and we used to talk loudly about boys.

– Would you like to be something else?

-No, but I had to study for a little welfare, forced by my mother who didn’t want me to be an actress. Then I convinced them. I started doing theater at the Labarden Institute and later my teachers were Alejandra Boero and Carlos Gandolfo. I worked for a while at my father’s Pietra shoe store. i did everything!

-Let’s talk about love, how did you meet Grinbank?

He saw me in the commercials of consequence of the truth when I was watching Primera Soccer. And he starts looking for me. I didn’t know who he was. We dated for about three months without anything happening because I liked to chat, go out to eat… Until one day I fell in love. We have been together for 24 years, we love each other and he is the man of my life.

“I did therapy for 18 years, but not now. I do yoga and I run. And I have very good friends, the ones who won’t always throw crap, but they take care of me.”

Andrea Pietra

– Is it true that they were not married according to the cabal?

-(Laughing) That’s right. I know several couples whose weddings didn’t work out: Maria Sokas and Jorge Marale, for example. Seven years together, they got married and after two weeks they broke up. And there’s more!

Andrea Pietra leads a healthy life: she has given up smoking, does yoga and runs.  Photo: Martin Bonetto.

Andrea Pietra leads a healthy life: she has given up smoking, does yoga and runs. Photo: Martin Bonetto.

Do you believe in destiny?

-Yes, but I think I also forged my destiny. It’s not like I was walking down the street and Francis Ford Coppola saw me and said, “How beautiful, do you want to be an actress?” I looked for work for three years, I studied acting for eight years, I always wanted to develop and act. I paddled it. I am a great rower of life.

Hair: Costume: @ferroniooficial. CREDITS: Four Seasons Hotel/ Gabriel Olivieri.

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