The initiative enables access to eye care and a free supply of glasses for girls and boys aged 6 to 12 and will tour 21 locations from Monday to August 17 as part of the Children’s Month agenda, whose slogan is “All Childhoods, All Rights”. .

In the Month of the Child, Governor Jorge Kapitanich and Deputy Governor Analia Rach Quiroga presented the national program “Mirarnos”, which will tour the province this week and next, providing eye care to girls and boys between the ages of 6 and 12 from rural schools, with delivery of cups on site.

“We celebrate children’s month with the motto “All childhoods, all rights”. In this way, from the current state, we guarantee the right to visual health to our girls and boys who attend more than 150 primary schools”, assured the president when presenting the program at Puerto Ville Primary School No. 69. .

In this sense, he highlighted the work done by the mayors to ensure the transfer of children from remote rural areas. “Looking at us is part of a program that we have strengthened and optimized over the years of administration, it is about ensuring primary health care for every resident of our province,” he said.

In the Chaco, the operation will take place over seven working days, where three ophthalmic trucks will visit 150 primary schools in 21 towns and rural districts of the Chaco, which includes visiting 9,000 girls and boys.

From this Monday the 8th until Wednesday the 17th, the trucks will be in Puerto Villelas, Margarita Belén, Puerto Tirol, Las Palmas, Colonia Eliza, Samuhu, General San Martín, Colonia Unidas, Villa Angela, Colonia El Pastoril, Pampa del Indio, Machagay. , Aboriginal Colony, Corzuela, Juan Jose Castelli, Plaza Presidency, Gancedo, Villa Rio Bermejito, Avia Terai, General Pinedo, Tres Isletas, Saenz Peña, Charata and Taco Pozo.

Looking at us, it is an articulated policy between the Ministry of Social Development of the Nation, through the Secretariat for a Comprehensive Approach, and the Ministries of Health and Education of the Nation, descending on the territory in a coordinated manner with the provincial portfolios of Social Development , Health , Education and the Chaco Municipalities .

The Minister of Social Development, Pia Chiaccio Cavanagh, explained that in case of detection of a serious visual pathology by specialists, the child will be monitored and promptly treated. “To reach these homes, coordinated work with the municipalities that are responsible for approaching them is essential,” he pointed out and outlined that the policy implies a saving of $30,000 in the homes that have to buy a pair of glasses.

Conducting visual acuity tests, especially for students in the first and second grades of primary school, makes it possible to detect any problem early “so that they can fully develop their learning processes”, the coordinator said. National Miranos, Camilla Quian.

The national official reported that they delivered more than 5,000 cups in the tours they made through Santiago del Estero, Catamarca, La Rioja, Tucuman and Salta. Regarding the visit to Chaco, he indicated that the goal is to carry out over 4,000 ophthalmic examinations, which means an average of 1,000 glasses.

Finally, Mayor Victor Rea thanked the support of the education and health community in the rural areas of Puerto Villelas. “We have a governor and lieutenant governor who work every day for the health of our girls and boys,” he said.

Health Minister Carolina Centeno and Education Minister Aldo Lineras were also present.


This Monday, August 8, the trucks will be in Colonia Amadeo (Margarita Belén at School #36), Cruce Viejo (School #392 – Puerto Tirol) and Colonia Tacuari (School #69 – Puerto Villelas). On Tuesday, the 9th, the controls will take place in Las Palmas (School #17), Colonia Eliza (School #262) and Samuhu (School #74). In the meantime, on Wednesday the 10th, they will be at General San Martín (school #749), Colonias Unidas (school #849) and Colonia Pastoril (school #418 Villa Ángela).

On Thursday the 11th, assignments will be made in Pampa del Indio (School #535), Plaza Presidency (School #183) and Corzuela (School #658). On Friday 12th at Villa Rio Bermejito (School #138), Machagai and Colonia Aboriginal (School #14) and Charata (School #399).

The operation resumes next week, on Tuesday the 16th, when the trucks will arrive in Castelli (School No. 894), Avia Terai (School No. 381) and Pinedo (School No. 46). On Wednesday the 17th it will be the turn of Tres Isletas (School #624), Presidencia Roque Sáenz Peña (School #64) and Gancedo (School #40).

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