the teenage girl who disappeared two weeks before the Alcácer girls

Reference 20-01799. This is the number still associated with the card on Gloria Martinez Ruiz in the database of the SOS Missing Association. They will be implemented in the month of October thirty years since he was lost in the town of Alfaz del Pi in Alicante, but his relatives do not lose hope of finding answers in the form of light on a case that happened in the tragic 1992, just two weeks before the media crime of Alcácer girls.

As it happened with Miriam, Tony and Desiree, Gloria’s disappearance also shocked the whole country, although most of the spotlights, covers and gatherings were occupied by the triple murder, for which only Miguel Ricart was convicted and Antonio Angles is still wanted. It is not for nothing that the investigators of the Civil Guard keep this case unsolved as one of the great unknowns of Spanish criminology.

Gloria, aged seventeen, studied COU – actually with credit – and excelled at the Alicante Conservatory with her piano skills. However, she had been suffering from eating problems and anxiety with some frequency for some time, for which her psychiatrist recommended that her parents, Alvaro and Isabel, admit her to the hospital for a few days. Torres de San Luis Psychiatric Cliniclocated in the municipality of Alfaz del Pi.

A complex located in nature, which was originally designed for high-end customers. standing, and which had gardens, sports areas, swimming pools and bungalows. There, Gloria would undergo a sleep therapy It will last a few weeks at most. Although unconvinced, her parents finally agreed to take her in due to pressure from her doctor. A decision they regret from the first day they entered the clinic.

The night of the disappearance

Gloria entered the clinic on October 29, 1992. Her mother wanted to accompany her on the first night, but the staff at the center refused her this opportunity, claiming that it violated company rules. So they left the compound and never saw their daughter again. Gloria stayed in bungalow B1, where, according to the nurse treating her, she was supposed to inoculate it with various sedatives to ease the nervous breakdown he was suffering.

Current record of Gloria Martinez in the SOS Missing database


Not only that, but also to prevent self-harm they tied her hands and feet to the bed. As a result of her anxiety about entering the clinic and being separated from her parents, the teenager wet her pajamas and asked to change, to which an assistant left her a pair of trousers and a T-shirt as she had no other clothes.

After changing and still very nervous, she asked the sisters to go to the toilet, a moment which, according to the version given by the workers, she took advantage of to get away from them and escape by jumping the fence around the clinic. Something that the researchers say seems unlikely, as it is two meters long and it is hard to believe that a medicated person could cross it in the middle of the night. Gloria also suffered from eight diopters of nearsightedness in each eye and did not wear her glasses or even shoes to run faster.

This version, given by those in charge of the psychiatric center – with a license to treat stress – points to the fact that he escaped through neighboring wild land after jumping the fence, although investigators found no leads nor any other clues in the numerous raids practiced days and weeks later in the area.

The clinic notified the police and his parents of the disappearance six hours later, around eight in the morning. “My daughter was tied to the bed and given drugs that made it impossible for her to jump over the wall of the clinic or escape,” her father said in reference to the quotes included in the summary. In view of these facts they did not trust the words of the company and began a new hypothesis, also unproven, that she had never left the premises and that he could die from too much medicine.

There is no conclusive evidence

Almost two years later, after the clinic had already closed due to serious economic problems after being converted into a nursing home, the judge instructing the case ordered comprehensive register of installations and the surrounding cane fields where there were several ravines and blind wells. In the complex’s septic tank, they found underwear and a belt in a bag belonging to Gloria, which the nurse recalled as the minor urinating on herself and having to change.

Archive image of Gloria Martinez, a girl who disappeared in Alfaz del Pi (Alicante) in 1992.


In 1999, a new lead shed light on the parents of the missing teenager. A man admitted in an anonymous letter that he saw Gloria in the town of Tibi in Alicante a few hours after his escape from Torres de San Luis, where he hinted that he recognized her leaving the house of one of the nursesto which the Civil Guard did not give credence to the numerous inconsistencies in the proposed version.

After months, the case was closed by court order, although the Civil Guard did not give up and kept the investigation open. For its part, the family appealed the decree on the request of a Compensation for damages. In 2008, the Provincial Court of Alicante ordered the psychiatrist and the company that owned the clinic to pay the family 60,000 euros in moral damages, an amount that was later increased to 104,000, given that the suffering caused by the disappearance, was greater for his hypothetical death.

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