Nicolas Lassa, Bake Off pastry chef: ‘Carolina Kose tried my preparations’ – 08/06/2022

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One week after the grand finale of bake near uruguay, Nicolas Lassa takes stock of her time on the hit reality show. After winning third place, the controversial contestant, who is also the mayor of Montevideo, claimed that many of the jury’s results were “confusing” and that the experts were aided by the edition of the program. The sweet tooth lover also reveals that the mayor has tried his desserts and assures that she could have a good performance on the show if she put her mind to it.

-What was the experience of participating in Bake Off Uruguay after being one of the finalists?

– Well, I lived it week by week. During the program, I realized that you don’t have to be the best of everyone, but try to beat one every week. Bake Off is not won by the best pastry chef, but by the one who manages to survive the entire process without once being the worst. There is a part of the cooking, but another part of the resistance. It was four and a half months on the air, but we recorded for a month straight and only stopped for a few days because another contestant had Covid. The last programs I was already coming home dead because I didn’t sleep. They picked us up at 6:30, got back around 9pm and then I started training. I was finally happy with the process because I didn’t expect to get this far.

-In the finale they had to make a dulce de leche volcano which didn’t go well for any of them and you said there was a problem with the recipe they were given, what happened?

– We finished making the volcanoes, delivered them and they continued to do tests after that. In other words, after seeing our results, they started cooking volcanoes, so there were doubts about the recipe used. Volcanoes are cooked at high temperatures so that a containment barrier is generated, but inside they remain raw. However, the recipe they gave us said to cook at 165°, which is too low an oven. There was something strange. And the same thing happened with the crème brûlée.

-This dessert went wrong for everyone involved and caused a lot of controversy on Twitter.

-Yes, other gastronomy references like Adriana Ferrer even came forward to hint that the recipe they gave us was wrong. There was controversy because the jury criticized things that the recipe said should be done. For example, Hugo (Soca) suggested that the water for the marita in the oven should be cold, but the recipe said that we should boil the water. He also said that you should beat the ingredients and not mix them when it should be the other way around. When the program aired and we saw the part where the judges were talking to each other before the tasting, we noticed that they said that things should be done that are contrary to what the recipe suggests. We sense a certain dissociation between the recipes and what the jury said.

Bake off Uruguay 2 participants.  Forum: @BakeoffUy
Bake off Uruguay 2 participants. Forum: @BakeoffUy

– How would you rate the performance of the jury throughout the competition?

– The jury did not know each other and harmonized the criteria as the program progressed. At first the returns were very vague and confusing. There one contestant was very harshly criticized and then they made him come out among the best. In the release, they helped these things go unnoticed.

– And as for personal relations with you?

-The jury wasn’t allowed to talk to us. I think Jean Paul Bondoux’s past was poison for this season. A female competitor was accused while competing. It was a small guarantee of form. The way he acted was so opaque that it greatly conditioned the work of the production and the jury in relation to us. For a long time we didn’t even greet each other, there was a big distance.

– Did you feel comfortable with the way the program showed you?

-Yes, I think what was shown was very true. But it’s also true that sometimes there were things on the air that bothered me because they had to do with the lack of communication within the team. For example, the day we had to make breakfast for Mother’s Day, the jury criticized me for making a croissant instead of a croissant. But the slogan they had given us didn’t want a croissant, it wanted a croissant. And they rewarded those who made croissants, that is, those who did not follow the slogan. That day my return was the first and then they explained to the jury that the indications were like that, so they did not criticize others, but in the program it came out as if I had done something wrong, when in fact it was something that I asked for the slogan. You have to keep in mind that while the program was being edited, the production already knew how the loop was going to end, so they kept their eye on where they wanted to go. There were criticisms that were leveled at certain people and they didn’t make it to the air.

-How did you experience the criticism and the response on social networks?

– I understood well, it is impossible to enter this handle. They were very cruel with Camila. She was accused of being arrogant and crying as a strategy. But she is not pedantic, but she is a very good companion. The networks told me that I should not have left in the second challenge of the final because I had won the technical challenge. I was told that everything was set up for Noelia to win and that in the second challenge of the finale the countdown went on longer so that she could finish her preparations. I didn’t realize it then.

– You were not satisfied with the third place?

-Yes, but in any case I knew that I would not win the program. I couldn’t win it because people could say a lot of things. I knew that because of my activities as mayor of Montevideo, I started with half the people against me. We agreed that this should not be part of the story to avoid problems. But, of course, it’s one thing that I’m not part of the story, while one is part of the peloton, and it’s another thing that I win. If I had won, many questions would have arisen that would not have existed a priori for the other participants. My own teammates told me it was impossible to win. Towards the end, I already started receiving criticism in the sense that I was called “wealthy”.

-Did you raise this situation when you enrolled in the program?

– I raised it from the beginning. I have fellow activists who were on Masterchef and the program banned them from any political activity after the last show aired. My case was different because I was already mayor and I was deputy deputy. I checked if it was incompatible and was told no problem. What came up was that I was going to be cast as a psychologist and I moderated my political commentary on the networks while I was on the program.

-What did they tell you at the departmental meeting about your participation in the reality show?

-I had much more prejudices than them. What is expected of a man in politics due to macho logic makes me believe that they would have called me a cutie in a derogatory way, as if I was here for something else. But I didn’t feel it from anyone. I even received messages of support on the day of the finals from legislators outside of my party. At all sessions, the mayors of the other parties commented on the program, and I contributed something to share. I got a lot of good comments and without burlesque.

-On the day of the final, Carolina Kose made a post to support you…

– I was surprised, I had no idea that he would release this message. I haven’t seen her in a long time. She tried my cakes. During the campaign, we made cakes as a way to raise funds and she and her entourage tried, even though she takes care of herself a lot. The return it gave me was good.

– In the photo she posted the other day she was kneading dough, can you imagine her in a competition like Bake Off?

-Carolina could handle the pressure of Bake Off and if she made it her goal to do so, good for her, but I can’t imagine her competing. There is a lot of work.

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