‘It’s a secret between you and me’: the shocking story of a young woman who accuses her uncle of abusing her since she was 8 | Chronicle

The fear was the cause of a young woman suffering for years sexually abused by her uncle, decided to keep quiet. The alleged abuser, a entrepreneur with gastronomic ventures and businesses that would have ties to political power in the city of Mendoza Godoy Cruza year and a half ago is stopped. However, the 25-year-old victim who prefers to keep Your identity is protectedmore wants justice. It is that after a the process was unexpectedly abortedwill have to face a new one Court trial to give you some peace back.

A process without a gender perspective and hope that justice will prevail

“It’s been three years since I filed the complaint, it cost me a lot to do it, I was afraid of breaking up the family, a fear that was practically justified,” he said to this outlet. It is that when the appellant broke the silence, her aunt decided to believe her husband, with whom they have two small children. Today the family is completely torn apart.

Despite all concerns, however, in 2019 the young woman did complaint against the defendant whose are the initials DMDB in Prosecution of gender-based violenceby Godoy Cruz, Mendoza. but keep waiting response from the court.

After three adjournments, the case finally began last June 8but on oral court order formed by Ariel Spector, Alejandro Miguel and Anibal Crivelli, pointed out that there were technical defects in the charges and lack of motivation on the part of the complaint and prosecution so they canceled the debate and the victim will now have to wait a new trial date the accused to be brought to justice.

Meanwhile, the defendant is detained in Bolón Sur Mer prisonfor a year and a half.

“I was shocked when I heard the decision. I couldn’t believe the harsh sentence. I felt completely vulnerable and now to go through this again is crazy.”said the sufferer, who noted that he suffered last time panic attack as a result of the stress he experienced during the trial, which he accuses of being ill-advised gender perspective. “They side with the rapists instead of the victims,” noted.

However, regardless of what it means for her to return the body for a new trial, where she will also come face-to-face with her abuser again, the complainant said at no point did she hesitate to take her hands off. “I want and need to close this,” The young woman said she was waiting for a date for a debate, for which the court had already been withdrawn.

In this context, Justice of Mendozadecided that the accused businessman should remain in prison pending his trial and rejected the defense’s request for freedom or house arrest.

Before the court measure, the young woman celebrated the decision and claimed: “I was scared for myself and my family if I was released.

A childhood full of violence

The exposed facts would have occurred when the appellant had done so “Eight years” and spread “until 13, 14”.

“I don’t have my father and my mother worked all day, so I spent a lot of time sleeping at my aunt and uncle’s house.” said the young woman. Almost every Friday they went to look for her at the school, which was two blocks from their house, where she stayed for the weekend until the following Monday. Under the circumstances, where there would be sexual abuse.

“On Friday, when he came home from school, he slept with me in bed and there he was touching my vagina, making me touch his penis. He also showed me pornography and intimate videos of him having sex with my auntsaid the young woman.

The abuse continued for yearsso much so that the appellant remembers the various facilities where they would repeat themselves over and over again despite the passage of time. “Until the age of 10, they spent in one apartment, which was located in the Arizu district, and then in another, in the city center,” express.

He went to take a shower, lay next to me naked and asked me to give him oral sex.”, – said the victim. In addition, he recalled that after almost all episodes of violence, “lrewarded with something“, whether with the purchase of shoes, clothes or toys.

More than once she remembers waking up with bloodied panties from the injuries she inflicted, but the barely ten-year-old was never given the chance to talk about her ordeal.

“Don’t ever tell this to anyone because they kill us, it’s a secret between you and me”, the accused told her who had threatened her like that, according to the victim. Although the young woman had received calls for attention at school for bad behavior, no one suspected that the abuse she suffered from her uncle was the cause.

“He told me he was like my father, imagine what it was like for me to take off the blindfold,” noted.

A conversation with her mother was the kick that got her into words abuses to which he would subject her her maternal aunt’s husbandwhich he suppressed throughout his adolescence.

“I’ve always tried to put it out of my mind, I’ve always tried to forget it and not relive it,” he added. For this reason, she expressed that remembering and recounting what she had been subjected to over the years, “It affected her a lot.”

“It cost me a lot because there were things I wanted to turn off, but when I condemned him, I started to remember”, he stated. And so the missing pieces of the puzzle began to emerge.

A year after the complaint was filed, the defendant was charged with simple and grossly outrageous sexual assault with depravity of minors and use of pornography. The case was closed while the victim’s examinations were carried out and after three notes submitted by his defense, they were added to the file and this progress was made.

“I have achieved a lot, no one expected the case to have such a big impact in the media, but I need a sentence to heal all the damage he has done to me. For this reason he must remain in prison. Not just for me, for everyone them”he concluded.

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