Gustav and Agustina Morales: cabals, secrets and more from the duo that premiered “Now I Fall!” – 08.06.2022

Channel 4’s Big Bet premiered in prime time. I’m falling now! Uruguay there’s the driving Gustavwho returns to this role in an entertainment program after the eight steps. Accompanies Agustina Moralesthe former Dame 5 taking her first steps into television.

The dynamic format, whose Spanish version was led by Arturo Valls, now has its local version with questions adapted to the peculiarities of our country. In total, there will be five different games that will be seen in the different editions of the program.

The conductors of ¡Now I fall! talked about the premiere, cabals and what lies beneath the traps. Uruguay with a Saturday show.

— How did you experience that first program?

– Agustina Morales: great I am very happy to be in this important program, it is the Uruguayan version of this international format. I am delighted that they have chosen me among so many opportunities to fulfill this role of participant presenter and also digital host. Also, I’m glad to be able to work with Gustav, who is a great colleague and I learn from him every day.

“This is your TV debut.

Morales: Yes, this is my debut. So there are a few nerves, but luckily I’m loosening up little by little and I’ve been held back by the production, the channel and Gustaf. In that sense, I am calm.

Gustav and Agustina Morales c
Gustav and Agustina Morales in “Now I’m Falling! Uruguay”. Photo: Estefania Leal

“For you, Gustav, it’s like doing an entertainment program again after the Eight Steps.”

Gustav: Yes, and now I’m falling was a great premiere. The other time I was waiting to go up the stairs and I remembered that I felt more comfortable with the Antel Arena I made or the Centenario because, did you see what this kit is? This is a studio worthy of an amusement park. Children come to the records with their parents to see what is unique. We are at sea level, practically on the first floor and of a size that can only be done in this studio that has Channel 4.

“What gives you Now I Fall?”

— Gustav: If in the previous program I had freedom, now I have more and even the obligation to do all the comedy steps, be it text thanks to the script or physical comedy. I feel like a host, in fact I put a “driver” in my role. I feel like a fish in water in this Circular Theater because there is a wonderful space for you to expand your histrión.

— Being the “host” of the program allows you to play more with the participants.

— Gustav: Completely. The physical space is the space of a great theater and I do as with the monologues: I throw myself on the floor, jump, run and play with the audience. So I’m calm. And they gave me complete freedom. It seems like the truth but it doesn’t always happen, I like to have artistic control and here I am. The “driver” also has to make decisions on the spot, outside of the infamous rattle, and I have complete freedom to make them. This is valuable.

— It also allows you to have fun with the participants.

— Gustav: It’s theater, that’s why I feel so comfortable. Also, the channel has invested and provided us with privileged conditions at the level of entertainment workers. Agustina, as a digital presenter, also allows covering all parts of this cake that is the general public to experience entertainment that is suitable for any audience and that aims to laugh. It’s fun plus laughs and has its share of suspense in the game itself.

Gustav inside
Gustav in “Now I fall! Uruguay”. Photo: Estefania Leal

— In addition to presenting them and being a digital host, you go to interview the participants.

— Morales: Yes, it’s a new dynamic, and it’s to take advantage of that moment when people fall, because after all, the great thing about this program is that: the fall, the moment when the participant loses, let’s call it in some way. We take these funny moments, make them remember how they experienced the program, how they performed in the game and also learn about their lives: why they are here, what is their dream. He grabs funny segments to show both on social media and during the show.

“This is not a decorative role.

— Morales: No and in that respect I’m super happy that they gave me this role and that I can handle my lifestyle. Like Gustav, they gave me the freedom to be myself and transform this role of presenter in a way more adapted to today.

— Gustav: She is an artist and here she sings and dances in the presentation of the participants, she has already shown it. She’s talented and she was cast for this and because she has so much more ability than just bringing someone in and introducing them.

— Morales: Yes, I have the opportunity to show other artistic sides and it is not just a presentation of the contestant. I also get on the Gustav train of humor that people enjoy watching. I am having fun and getting attached to everything Gustav has to offer.

— Gustav: She is taking her first steps in television, but I predict a long way for her.

“Do you have any cabal before you start?”

— Gustav: We have one with Luli, who is the producer, and we have a very specific greeting, which is like the peacock greeting. Also, there’s something I like to do and I’ve done before all the programs, which is for those who witness the recording and the participants, the program doesn’t start when we start recording. There is music, I go in and greet the people from the stalls one by one. I fix them and we go from there. So whoever comes to witness the recording will also come to see a theatrical performance. It’s not that I’m hidden, I show up to record and leave as a star. There is a before and after where we take pictures with everyone and also say hello so that everyone feels comfortable and happy. This is the biggest amusement park that Uruguayan television has today and you should enjoy it from end to end.

Gustav and Agustina Morales c
Gustav and Agustina Morales in “Now I’m Falling! Uruguay”. Photo: Estefania Leal

“Have you tried falling into the traps?”

— Gustav: I won’t make any statements. This is a strictly confidential topic.

— Morales: I could throw myself, yes. It was very nice, I would say it was liberating, but I can’t give more details.

— Gustav: Nothing can be said by contract on the subject of jumps. Because you have to avoid all the lions we have below.

— Morales: And snakes and sharks. It’s a big mystery what’s going on down there. Few of us have the great opportunity to go through there.

— Gustav: There are two things people have been asking you since we started recording: when does something that’s already known start, and what’s below. Neither of them have ever responded, nor do I intend to. The first was already known, now the second remains, and I will not say anything.

— As a program that had a well-known version, how does it differ from this?

— Gustav: You have to do your thing, I do it my way and I’m not inspired by anything other than my working methodology. I have meetings with production and what I ask them to do is to verbally explain what the program is like over coffee. This program is special because it does not flow, there is a monitor that in 80 artistic minutes I can see it two or three times. In other words, the driver is not visible when the typical thing is to look around, fix his shirt or whatever. It’s round, it has eight cameras, one was brought from abroad and has never been used in Uruguay, which is robotics; that’s why it’s a special implementation program. To give you a quick answer: this is a Uruguayan version and it was made by Gustaf.

— Morales: There’s Gustav with his touch and his humor, which people love to see, and what he does on the show is wonderful. Since it’s not just the games, the audience also enjoys what Gustav has to offer to entertain. I, who is below waiting for the participants to fall, laugh at what he does, and this does not happen in all programs.

Gustav and Agustina Morales c
Gustav and Agustina Morales in “Now I’m Falling! Uruguay”. Photo: Estefania Leal

— Gustav, always with shows in big buildings, since The Eight Steps also had a huge set design.

— Gustav: Yes, like Antel Arena, Centenario and Summer Theater, I never go with little girls, always with big projects and crowds.

— In addition to reading the slogans and joking with the participants, you communicate with the audience in the stands. That should be a separate show.

— Gustav: I have mastered this type of interaction and so has Agustina because we both do live concerts. And I, classical actor as I am, do not come from the conventional theater or carnival, but from the cafe concert. I played in bowling alleys where people told you everything. It’s been many years of interacting with the audience, you know how to take them where you want them to go, you direct the program, you understand which themes serve to interact with them and also with the participants, as in a kind of drama that although not written in paper, in your mind develops it.

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