“Despacito” has only brought good things to my life

  • Puerto Rican singer celebrates success with this song “even though it was the most important” came after a 19-year career | Photo: EFE

Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi, who is on tour in Spain, talks about all kinds of topics, such as his relationship with fellow Spaniards Antonio Orozco and David Bisbal or the 5 years that have passed since the release of “Despacito”, “before and after” in his a nearly 25-year career.

“I don’t think about the song that much, but I get reminded of it every day in interviews,” he explains. I still don’t quite understand why what happened happened, and I don’t want to. I’m not a person who looks at numbers, counts awards… It’s important to me that this brought only good things into my life and that through my music I got to know a side of the world that I didn’t know.”

He celebrates that this success, “although it was the most important”, came after a 19-year career: “It helped me not to lose my balance and did not make me unbearable. I already understood what success and failure are, how hard you have to work, so it didn’t change my course, with the same uncertainties, virtues and flaws”.

Would you change all that because you wrote another one of the anthology songs in the history of universal music? “The first thing I think of is the Beatles, ‘Hey Jude’ or ‘Imagine.’ But no, I wouldn’t change a thing. Things happen for something at the moment they are meant to happen,” he says.


The heyday of “Despacito” led to that of boom Latino in the world that continues to this day.

I give a lot of credit above all to the talent, to the artists making good music,” he reflects, and also credits streaming, which has given audiences the power of choice over “the radio and the record companies.”

“Finally, about the urban genre boom. I’m grateful to all the artists I’ve worked with and, being a pop artist, I’ve been able to blend my style with those beats to create a sub-genre that’s helped me a lot,” he says.

In recent years, his music has been enriched with more famous collaborations, such as the one that recently brought him together in the studio with his “brother” Antonio Orozco for the song “My hero” for the album that the Spaniard will release soon.

“Years ago we did the song ‘Ya lo saber’ together, which I chose. This time he offered me this song and I accepted before he finished speaking. I knew the song, I lived that moment in his life with him, so I know there’s a lot of sincerity in it,” he explains.

“I want to think I’m a good friend”

Luis Fonsi:

Recently, she has been recording with another partner from the TV program The voiceDavid Bisbal, for whom he had few nice words throughout the show, publicly admitting that “he has many friends, but friends, friends (like him) are few.”

I like to have friends and I like to think that I’m a good friend, one of those who call for no reason to ask how the family is,” Fonsi elaborates, before recalling that the beginning of his friendship with Bisbal is far in the past . .

Of him he adds: “He was one of the first people who, sharing the same profession, had a very real friendship. We are very similar on a personal level, with the same values,” he says.

Is friendship more difficult in this profession? “Two things happen: a) one is never in the same place for a long time; and b) you don’t know if someone wants to be your friend by heart or by circumstances. Fame forces you to be more selective about who you open the door to. Maybe that’s the difference in my situation, defensively,” he emphasizes.

His current visit to Spain is related to “several TV projects”, a short studio recording session and above all a tour of cities that are not usual on the agenda of an international star, such as El Puerto de Santa María (southwest), where he will stop on August 18 as part of the Cabaret Festival.

“That’s what it’s all about, to visit and continue to explore other cities in Spain after a few tours,” he explains; and will return “towards the end of the year” in the main cities to continue presenting his album “La ley de lagravida” (2022) and the successes of his entire career.

The tour, which began in America under the title “Perfect Night”, marks his return to concerts after the worst moments of the pandemic. “Every stage has its own magic, but if I had to choose one, I would choose to be on stage. The audience is felt there, which is the goal of everything”, he points out.

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