Catastrophism on the left is now known for cannibalism

How will history remember this time? Have you ever asked? The judgment of generations is relentless and exacting. Will they see us as a horde of crazy entomophagous, stupid unemployed, lustful and cannibals?

I’m sorry to upset you, but on several different fronts the idea of ​​eating human flesh is encouraged. As is well. Flesh of a man, of a dead man, of course. How they’ll get to the meat I don’t know, but the ending doesn’t look pleasant, or at least his thoughts shudder. I tell you this because in a harassment maneuver (even without taking down) the question has several advances and it is convenient not to miss any of them.

The first was given at a conference in Stockholm “Gastro Summit” (September 2019) where the idea was presented that in order to fight climate change (which is a perfect excuse for anything, you see), we should eat human flesh. Be resilient, they point out, and now is the time when the word really scares. Sustainable. Remember her and be moderate in her presence, just in case and in case these ideologues decide to be more respectful of the environment by paying with their own flesh, dear reader. This reflection has a first and last name, note: Magnus Söderlund, who is his father, is a professor at the Department of Marketing and Strategy (Stockholm School of Economics), presented the conference: “Can you imagine eating human flesh?”, in which he accuses the rest of the world of being damn conservatives. He seems to have once read the play Make Room! A dystopian metaphor where the impoverished population was fed the famous red or green soylent and died at the expense of the state (this is already familiar to our society, they just have to reuse the bodies).

The second advance comes from the North American paper New York Times, where it was said a few weeks ago (July 2022) that cannibalism has a time and a place. How…? Which time and which place? Even as a title it’s ominous. Under the strange idea that all change is good, necessary and tempting, many minds keep thinking about some of these compelling events.

Hansel and Gretel. Illustration by Arthur Rackham

The leftist catastrophism, which for a long time has tried to limit us, control us and bring us to spiritual misery and material poverty with these slogans about the apocalypse of the planet, with an undisguised desire to direct us to uncivilized behavior, to the loss of food traditions that are symbols and representation of our culture. But above all until the disappearance of the good in us. A few hundred years ago, Malthus (Essay on the Principle of Population, 1789) made the same calculations wrong, without appreciating the ingenuity, capacity of human beings, self-regulation, or the development of technology.

The third advance is the presentation of a hamburger. See what a Sibylline strategy based on something so familiar and boring; and it is that they lead us to the abyss through simple things, with boring, vulgar slogans: «Let’s go beyond the limits’, and ‘It’s fun’, ‘Dare’ or also ‘According to some research…’ (never detailed by the way). These slogans work though! there are many people who admit to being interested in pushing the limits of life and the absurd.

I am overcome with the idea that it is necessary to explain the stupidity that this implies. However, they set Western society up for its moral corruption and decline. And quickly. Look at the strategy, because it is not lost: first it is normalized, there is talk, there is laughter. Then some misleading games are offered and finally they already have the population ready to install a perverted novelty.

In cannibalism, the first phase is already complete. The second is that little game between joke and truth that is already on the table. Swedish company Oumph! vegan, yes, let’s not upset the balance of the planet due to the consumption of animals, developed a hamburger flavored with human flesh. Yes, to human flesh. Henrik Ackermann, Global Brand Leader of Oumph!, points out that his company has a mission which is to change us. Yes, you hear it, in Ackerman’s words: “Our mission is to change the way people eat, and our duty is to use creativity as a tool to achieve that change.” They won an award at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity for its vegan burger flavored with human flesh. They have a mission, now a business is a mission, it sure looks like a good sales plan. It may sound simple, but the question that bothers me is: how do they know what human flesh tastes like? Shaken, the Swedes caught me.

The fourth advance group has already been implemented, I myself told you about some of its factions in connection with the consumption of insects. But the thing is infinitely wider and more complex to detect: deals with establishment of cultures, transformations and laboratory preparations. Food that no longer comes from the natural world, but from its recreation in petri dishes or test tubes. These labs grow cheese (made by microbes and precision fermentation), grow meats that can be purchased in bites, fillets, and multiple formats. In addition, strips are grown that imitate slices of bacon, chorizo ​​and sausages; and even different fish, including smoked salmon. And the justification for all this junk, which will no doubt harm our health, is to avoid overfishing and animal suffering. Instead of raising fish with open sea aquaculture techniques, for example, or doing proper slaughtering.

All these products are produced by different systems: from stem cells, in laboratories, but also with the help of residues from the meat industry or with plant products that imitate meat Will they end up using human stem cells to create their monster so that in their dark endeavor we can eat human flesh one way or another? And no, it is not a dream, but a nightmare that brings us dangerously close to an unknown panorama. They already know the reasons they give, because when they say sustainable and more respectful of the environment, they offer expressions that everyone would support because of their obvious harmlessness. But you have to think about that too. Are soybeans really more sustainable than chickpeas? Because soy farming, which is largely behind this whole vegan food movement, causes deforestation, disrupts ecosystems and leads to biodiversity loss. It is understandable if we understand that this whole concept is a new business. A simple, difficult and mercantile business of marketing, a business that sells us anything or any concept we can buy. Control, adaptation and sales business. It’s not about being good, bad or average. It is that with the cunning of the planet they disrupt the cycle of natural life. To destroy nature for nature’s sake, how much cynicism there is in these campaigns.

Can the “transgressive” pleasure of eating human flesh be seriously discussed? This constitutes killing a person or eating the body of a deceased What is the value of living in a society where this occurs? Respect for life began to be lost with the normalization of abortion, and from then on we will continue to see worse and worse horrors.

Are you aware that you are trying to destroy the pillars of western civilization? And I say they are trying because they haven’t succeeded yet, but they are working hard. Destroying the basis of the principles, of the values ​​of the West: Christianity (ridiculing it), democracy (perverting it from within), the state (caricaturing the separation of powers), customs (encouraging contempt for tradition), the role of women in society (they even killed feminism) and of course, food. No longer will they let us eat stew, gazpacho or steak in peace. That’s exactly what we needed.

It was fun to be a rebel when there were rules, but today, when there is no moral development, rebellion is pointless. Only rebellion against rebellion has it. This has become a very dangerous spiral, a giant endless screw of something that has actually existed since the beginning of time, and which is nothing more and nothing less than the struggle of evil against good. Food history is an extremely useful tool for learning about a culture because it is an unequivocal expression of its values, facts, hopes and woes. And with this theme of cannibalism, in the form of a sinister joke or real, imaginary or real, we witness a demonstration of the degeneration of values ​​from which our society suffers today.

Back to cooking, back to buying simple products and transforming them at home. It is not a slogan, it is a way of life that is more suited to our nature. Technology is on our side to make everything easier now. Don’t let yourself be comforted, battles are won by fighting and every little skirmish we make counts. And please, no more jokes about cannibalism, which is the exact expression of when eating is not eating, but a perversion of the values ​​of civilized society.

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