What is PAI in smartwatches and bracelets

Therefore, researcher Ulrik Wisloff developed a system to help people manage your own health with an easy-to-understand activity tracker: PAI, a tool that displays simple data that anyone can understand and that’s enough to help you stay fit.

Fitness calculator lets you know your body age. The lower your fitness age, the better your body will be. With PAI, you can train to a lower fitness age and similarly reduce your risk of disease.

PAI generates a score based on the latter 7 days of activity. At the end of the week, the ultimate goal to be achieved is yes maintain 100 PAI or more, the minimum to achieve better cardiovascular health. You’ll earn PAI points by exercising, whatever it is, because it’s getting your heart rate up that counts. Anything that gets your body moving and your heart pumping matters. The higher your heart rate and the longer your heart rate, the more PAI points you earn.

Mi band 5 PAI

This result is based on the physical data of each person (age, gender, maximum heart rate, resting heart rate and body response to exercise). So the activity everyone needs to reach their 100 goal is different for each of us. According to Practitioner Research, when testing this method among thousands of users, those who scored 100 PAI in the 1980s and 1990s lived an average of eight years longer than those with lower PAI scores.

which devices have it

Xiaomi, Amazfit, Fitbit, Polar and Apple iPhone are the main brands that allow you to work with this system on your mobile phones and physical measurement devices. Of course, not all models have the tool, as a number of requirements must be met, such as the presence of a heart rate sensor.

Amazfit watches and bracelets

The watches and smart bands of the Chinese company are the ones most dedicated in this way to improving our cardiovascular health, with a large number of devices at their service.

  • Amazfit GTR
  • Amazfit GTR2
  • Amazfit GTR 3
  • Amazfit GTR 2e
  • Amazfit GTS
  • Amazfit GTS2
  • Amazfit GTS3
  • Amazfit GTS 2mini
  • Amazfit GTS e
  • Amazfit T-Rex
  • Amazfit T-Rex Pro
  • Amazfit T-Rex 2
  • Amazfit Band 5
  • Amazfit X
  • Amazfit Bip U Pro
  • Amazfit Bip U

Xiaomi Smart Bands

mi band 7

As for XiaomiThere is currently no watch from the company (there are quite a few) that supports this feature, but you can find it on its famous 2020 activity bracelet.

  • My Smart Band 5
  • My SmartBand 6
  • Xiaomi SmartBand 7

Other devices

Apple Watch Series 6

There is Fitbit and Polar wristbands which, among its features, allows you to store heart rate data in your app should work with it PAIHealth, the application that we can download from the Play Store to track our physical activity. Unfortunately, watches from Huawei, Honor, OPPO, Samsung and other famous mobile brands do not support this tool.


For the app to work, the phone must be running Android 5.0 or higher, an operating system that has already been superseded years ago.

As for the iPhone, The PAI Health app is compatible with iOS 11 or later, and to work properly with the brand’s wearables, all you need is an Apple Watch (Series 3 and up) running WatchOS 4 or later.

how to use

Since its operation is quite similar on all devices, we will focus on the Mi Band and its app ZeepLifealthough we do not forget the case of Amazfit watches and their application zeppin which case the way to do it is practically the same.

Activate PAI on your Mi Band

We’ll assume you’ve already paired your bracelet with My Fit and Zeep Life and you’re all set to start taking sports measurements. Then you need to do the following:

  1. Open Zeep Life
  2. At the bottom, go to your app profile
  3. Next, you will need to choose your bracelet
  4. Once inside, we need to activate the pulse activation button

Mi band 5 PAI

Now, on your bracelet, you need to scroll to MYP screen and start training with the feature enabled. The more you exercise, the more the points achieved indicator will increase and you will be able to check how much you have left to reach the goal of 100 weekly points.

Activate PAI on your Amazfit

In the case of the Amazfit watches, as we have already said, you do not need to do anything too different from what we have already done with the Amazfit bracelets. Xiaomi. The first essential requirement is to enable heart rate recording and this is done as follows:

  1. Open the Zeep app
  2. At the bottom, go to your app profile
  3. Next, you will need to select your watch brand
  4. Enable the heart rate recording option

pai amazfit

Then you can go back to the home screen of the app and you will see how the PAI system is now activated and it will show the daily progress, the points earned during the week and you will be able to complete the survey to adjust the tool to your physical condition.

You will find MYP options also by swiping right on the watch face.

And in the other devices?

You already know that enabling the heart rate recording is essential to be able to use MYP score so you just need to follow the instructions in the PAI Health app to start recording your sport in this sports measurement tool.

As soon as you launch it, you’ll need to select the wearable you want to connect, answer a series of questions to configure your body age, and set a series of goals to start earning PAI points.

pie health

how to disable

This tool is really appreciated by users because of how easy it is to get in shape and how much it helps us live longer and better, but it has one big drawback. use it you will reduce battery life on our devices, needing to constantly monitor our health data and send the information to the device.

The key here again is in heart rate measurement option. Since the PAI tool depends on it, by disabling it we will “turn off” the measurement system. You just have to reset the clock from Amazfit, Xiaomi smartband or any of the other devices we mentioned a few lines ago so that the changes take effect and stop consuming more battery than normal.

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