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Authorities said there are more than 500,000 children between the ages of 3 and 11 who are behind and stressed the importance of the vaccine. They also announced the availability of testing and vaccination mobiles in higher education institutions.

Friday, August 5, 2022 4:11 p.m.

As part of the start of testing and vaccination in higher education institutions, the Ministry of Health has issued a call to celebrate responsibly and with the necessary care this Sunday, which will be the Day of the Boy and Girl.

According to health authorities, regarding vaccination, there is more than 500 thousand boys and girls from 3 to 11 years. For this reason, Minsal insists that the commemoration be celebrated next Sunday in compliance with the relevant sanitary measures.

“We want them to celebrate, but do it safely. For it to be safe, we have to look for places in the open, take care of our boys and girls”said the Minister of Health, Maria Begonya Yarza. The Authority issued a call for activities to be carried out in lower risk locations, preferably celebrate the day outdoors and without crowds. In addition, he reiterated the need to insist on the correct use of masks for minors, that is, that they cover the nose and mouth.

In relation to the daily report on Covid-19, they have been notified 11 thousand 216 new cases from a total of 72 thousand 174 examinations throughout the country for the last 24 hours with a positive rate of 15.4%. The health chief pointed out that the Ministry of Health is on alert in view of the increase in positive cases, which he said efforts are mainly aimed at reducing the vaccination gap in the over-15 and under-45 groups.

In this sense, Yarza maintains that the strategy of installing both vaccination and testing points aims to reach this group of the population that goes to schools, universities, institutes and also works. “Young people travel by bus, subway, i.e. a very active population in terms of its mobility. Therefore, this action is beneficial not only for the young people, but also for the rest of the family and the rest of the people,” he emphasized.

For her part, Higher Education Undersecretary Veronica Figueroa said that at the threshold of the second university semester, the idea is to be able to have mobile phones for testing and vaccination to prefer presence in education, attend to the spaces into which students, teachers and educational staff are inserted.

As for the increase in cases, Public Health Undersecretary Cristóbal Cuadrado indicated that this week the country had an average 13% increase in daily cases compared to last week. While in terms of the presence of other viruses, a major increase was observed in the respiratory syncytial virus with a presence of 26.3%, according to the positive samples analyzed by the ISP.

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