10 physical exercises to do at home, to be fit and toned

As summer approaches, we mistakenly rush to get a little better physically and look for 1-2 week miracles to achieve it. The ideal (and our recommendation) is to find that activity that you can do all year round and enjoy it outside of the moment or demand. This will allow you to devote more time to your preparation (not just a few weeks).

we explain 10 exercises you can do in short sessions at home and thus begin to enjoy physical activity and health. They are functional jobs that tone the body as a whole rather than from isolated muscles.

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1) Squat (squat): Basic and basic exercise. As long as you don’t have discomfort in your knees or back, this exercise will significantly strengthen your legs and improve your posture. We should place the feet shoulder-width apart, have the weight of the body on the entire foot, lower by bringing the hips back and down with a straight back and rise until the hips and knees are extended again. 3 sets of 15 reps.

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2) Hollow Hold (face up plank): This basic strength exercise should be performed lying on your back on the floor, supporting only your lower back. We should not rest our feet, nor our heads, nor our shoulders on the floor. It can be done with arms at the sides of the body and legs bent to start and extend the body as much as we can. We must maintain a static position. 3 sets of 15 seconds.

3) Attacks (attacks): Leg strength and core stability exercise. It is done by taking a long step forward (approximately one meter) and bending the knees until the bottom rests on the floor, with a straight back. 3 sets of 6 reps.

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4) Hold for extension of the back (maintaining the position of the spine): The opposite exercise to the Hollow Hold is performed face down with only the abdominal area resting on the floor, trying to keep the legs, chest and arms lifted at the same time. 3 sets of 20 seconds.

5) Plank (inverted boat): There are many varieties of irons. In this case, this will be done by resting only the tops of the feet and forearms on the floor, lifting the torso with a contracted middle part of the body. It is important to keep all segments at a flat angle (do not raise the tail or sag the back). 3 series of 15 sec.

6) Abdominal presses (abdominal presses): Sitting on the floor, we fold our legs and bring the soles of our feet very close to the tail. We lean back until we touch the floor with our hands and return until we touch the front of our feet. 3 sets of 15 reps.

7) Jumping Jacks: We start standing with legs together and hands on the sides of the body, we make a jump, opening the legs and joining the arms stretched above the head, and jumping again we return to the initial position. 2 sets of 40 repetitions.

8) Push-ups (push-ups): We must contract the middle area to maintain the correct posture and not to arch the back, keep the hands at shoulder width and with the fingers pointing forward and the tops of the feet (together) on the floor. We bend our arms until we rest our chest and hips on the floor and push ourselves back to the starting position with our elbows outstretched. If this exercise is too difficult for you, you can do it with your hands resting on a higher surface (chair, table, etc.) and your feet on the ground. 3 sets of 6 reps.

9) Descents (bottoms): We crawl back to a hard surface (table, chair) and, resting the palms of the hands on it, bend and stretch the arms without relaxing the abdomen or moving the feet from the place. 3 sets of 6 reps.

10) Burpees: This exercise generates an incredible adaptation of the body and consists of lying face down on the floor, supporting both the chest and hips, standing up again and making a jump, clapping above our head. 2 sets of 10 reps.

* The number of sets and repetitions is indicative, if it is very easy for you, you can gradually add sets, repetitions or time to the static exercises!

By Delfina Ortuño, 2014 Crossfit Games Athlete, Elite Gymnast (Atlética Fitness)

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