“I want to go back to Asturias. Why did they bring me to Madrid?’

“It’s Arancha a snake who releases poison His head is completely out of place and has an air of majesty. He constantly fights with Louis and the children; he did not feed Isabel well and spoke badly to her“. This is the statement to the Civil Guard of Marie Carmen, the first caregiver who visited Luis Lorenzo’s aunt in Rivas-Vacciamadrid in May 2021, when the elderly woman had just settled in her niece’s house Aracha Palomino and the actor. The work lasted only six days.

According to the caregiver’s statement, included in the statement made available by CASO ABIERTO, the investigation and events channel of Prensa Ibérica, she had problems from the beginning to care for Elizabeth Suarezthe elderly woman was allegedly poisoned with cadmium and manganese from the marriage: “When I arrived, the house was dirty and messy. unmaintained, unhygienic. She was placed in a children’s room, in a small bed on the ground level, not suitable for an elderly person with needs. Arancha and Luis did not bathe her at home, she said that these baths could not be used by Maria Isabel because they disgusted her. I sent her to the garage toilets.”

The employee adds that “the next day after starting work I had to go downstairs to the garage to look for her (the old woman), as she had been sent to relieve herself downstairs. Arancha told me that when she left she would bathe Maria Isabel, but when I returned the next day the lady had not yet bathed.”

“He’s eating sandwiches I brought”

The old woman’s sitter assures that the couple “didn’t change her clothes either, because directly I only had one change. All of Isabelle’s belongings were placed in a small travel bag a pair of trousers, a brush and cream“. Besides, “there was nothing to eat in the house except milk and biscuits. I should have brought mine food from my own house and I fed Maria Isabel with sandwiches that I had brought because the old woman asked me to eat and I could not give her anything because there was nothing, she gave me Very sorry”.

According to her statement, Arancha Palomino was in charge of giving the medicine to her aunt Isabel after every meal: “She told me she was in charge of it.” The nurse added that she “never saw” the medicine. The autopsy revealed that the elderly woman had been treated with four different antipsychotic drugs: quetiapine, risperidone, aripiprazole and haloperidol. They were all prescribed by different doctors, but the medical examiner concluded that “it is unusual to associate four different antipsychotics at the same time”.


The woman described the elderly woman as “a good and affectionate person” and confirmed that, despite everything, the actor and his wife treated her badly: “Louis was quieter, but he very manipulative. He manipulated Arancha as he pleased. He is a very cool guy. I got the impression that Louis I did not love Maria Isabel at allhe seemed to be a nuisance in the house to him”. He asserts that the couple’s common son “kept attacking Maria Isabel with kicks” and his eldest son “laughed when she was attacked”. The carer “tried to don’t do it’ and he told Arancha but ‘she didn’t care’.

She insists that they “never minded the cares of the lady”: “Maria Isabel sometimes repeated the expression: Why did they bring me? And she kept saying that she wanted to go back to Asturias, that she didn’t know why they brought her to Madrid.”.

they didn’t pay him

After six days the employee stormed out of the house and the couple didn’t pay him anything: “They made the excuse that the judge had to go home to sign something to allow something and they had no money“, he states. He admits that the marriage ended badly: “I refused to continue working there because the terms of the contract were not fulfilled. Arancha started insulting me and threatening to call the company. I left the house upset and in tears“.

Her story contradicts that of the other caregiver who looked after the victim for the last month and a half of her life, currently under investigation by the judge. This woman stated that Maria Isabel he was well taken care of and he loved to live in his niece’s house because in his house in Asturias she felt lonely.

Judge number 9 of Arganda del Rey has the actor and his wife under investigation, in addition to the last caregiver. The Civil Guard states in its latest report that the couple’s plan was rob the elderly financially and that, without doing so, they abused and isolated her until her death.

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