The National Police and the Civil Guard freed 1,056 victims of trafficking and sexual and labor exploitation in Spain in 2021.

Among the victims of sexual exploitation, six minors were released, including two girls who were forcibly married

In 2021, the National Police and the Civil Guard released a total of 1,056 victims of trafficking networks and subjected to various situations of sexual or labor exploitation in Spain.

Just over half of the released persons, a total of 565, were subjected to labor exploitation, and the remaining 491 for sexual reasons. Including two minor girls who were released, also for trafficking, for the purpose of forced marriage.

This is reflected in the Statistical Balance Sheet on Human Trafficking and Exploitation in Spain for 2017-2021, prepared by the Intelligence Center against Terrorism and Organized Crime (CITCO), to the Secretary of State for Security of the Ministry of the Interior.

As reported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, among the total number of victims, 187 were extorted by networks for illegal human trafficking, which managed to bring them into the country in order to profit from their sexual or labor exploitation.

To this figure we must add another 869 people who were subjected to processes of sexual or labor exploitation, although in their case it was not possible to confirm that they reached this situation as a result of the action of a trafficking network people.

These figures are the result of 226 operations undertaken by the National Police and the Civil Guard in 2021, specifically 74 of them related to human trafficking and the remaining 152 to sexual and labor exploitation. In addition, these actions allowed the breaking up of 64 criminal organizations and groups and the arrest of 663 people.

Regarding sexual exploitation data, the main countries of origin of these victims are Colombia, Paraguay, Romania and Venezuela. In total, the statistical balance specifies that the victims released from human trafficking networks for the purpose of sexual exploitation are 136: 129 women, 5 men and 2 minors.

In the case of victims rescued from situations of sexual exploitation, the same proportion is repeated: out of a total of 355, 342 were adult women, 9 men and 4 girls. Mostly from Colombia, Spain, Dominican Republic and Romania.

In this sense, in 2021, the National Police and the Civil Guard carried out 1,380 administrative inspections of places where prostitution is practiced, an activity that allowed the identification of 4,704 persons at risk of practicing prostitution in these establishments, reports the Ministry of the Interior.

On the other hand, as regards the actions taken against human trafficking networks for the purpose of labor exploitation, the released victims amount to 51, 33 of them women and for the most part the country of origin is Honduras.

Likewise, victims rescued from situations of labor exploitation were 514 in 2021, two of them minors. In this case, the predominant gender is male – 392 adults and one minor – and the main nationalities are Moroccan, Senegalese and Nicaraguan.

Against labor exploitation, the National Police and the Civil Guard have carried out a total of 5,218 administrative inspections in as many work centers, where up to 13,836 workers have been identified at risk due to a possible violation of their labor rights.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs emphasized that human trafficking is “a serious violation of human rights and one of the most profitable criminal activities”, ahead of drug trafficking and on the same level as arms trafficking.

As reported, given this growing reality, the Ministry promoted the development of a National Strategic Plan against Human Trafficking and Exploitation 2021-2023, which was presented on 12 January.

The plan strengthens and formulates measures to improve the fight against this crime and facilitate the assistance and protection of victims. All this through a mechanism for cooperation between the various participating bodies of the ODA, as well as with specialized civil society organizations, reports the Ministry of the Interior.

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