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The love and energies that will accompany you during the day; The most interesting tarot tips for your zodiac sign can be found in horoscope today on the pulse.

Horoscope Today Aries August 3

My dear Aries: today is an important day not to overdo what you say. Prudence will be your best weapon. Tarot recommends moving forward with strength at times when you feel lost. Do not reject moderation to make this important decision that comes for you. aries love: It is a good time to be in a couple and you will see with better eyes who accompanies you. If you’re single, decisions come; your heart splits in two.

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Horoscope today Taurus August 3

My dear Taurus: what you want to do is in your hands. What you have discovered over time is that you have to solve problems on your own without anyone else interfering. Act without complaining so much. Sometimes you become a victim of yourself and this blocks your own field of action. Taurus Love: things are turning around. Remember that everything is cyclical and nothing in life stays still. Give yourself time to understand that there are cycles that close and others that open. What will you bet love on? Should I keep hiding?

Horoscope today Gemini August 3

My dear Gemini: it’s a great day for you again. Much prosperity in creative projects and topics that are related to your work. The moment is favorable for you to come up with things you have wanted to do for a long time: meditate, start exercising, change your eating habits. It’s time to use the good face of life, start with the things you need so much. Gemini Love: This is a time for learning and reflection. If you are in a relationship, try to understand each other’s silence. If you are single, this is a time to learn and think about being single and how it helps you grow.

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Horoscope today Cancer August 3

My dear Cancer: I think it’s important to talk about those feelings that you feel like you’ve stifled and those hidden feelings that wash over you. What are you hiding from yourself? In this way, you also experience the feeling that there are hidden things swirling around you. Cancer love: it is important to keep yourself strong at this time. You have to bet on dotting the i’s and not letting them invade your personal space or impose conditions you don’t like. If the guy you like isn’t interested, why keep pushing? As Karol G would say: “where you are not wanted, you are not needed”.

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Horoscope today Leo August 3

My dear Leo: this is a very good time to mobilize, not only psychologically but also physically. If you are betting on a change of home, residence, job and even city, now is a good time to start capitalizing on these experiences. Leo love: what you give is what you will get. Fairness, as a secret in your tarot spread, declares that you must be fair in your judgment of romantic life, and so love will treat you.

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Horoscope today Virgo August 3

My dear Virgo: many good wishes for this day. It is very important to take advantage of the good vibes of life to participate in projects and distill happiness and good energy. It’s important to understand that the good times are something to be grateful for and that you should honor them by doing what makes you happy. Virgo Love: there are changes that are vital and that will inevitably come. It is important to adapt and look forward to how the Wheel of Fortune settles into your home of love.

Horoscope today Libra August 3

My dear Libra: It is important to understand that in life there are teachers who accompany you and that you have a lot to learn. Sometimes your ego gets the better of you and the suggestion made by tarot is to let yourself be guided because important teachings and teachers will come who will want to “sponsor” you. Libra Love: you live in an incredible romance. A great moment to feel accomplished. Singles need to point to solutions to begin clarifying the picture.

Horoscope today Scorpio August 3

My dear Scorpio: the card of death This is a very good prediction of the changes that life gives you. I think it’s important to understand that the process you’re going through doesn’t have to be painful. In order for it to grow and flourish, what you have now must die and transform. scorpio love: good time for love Life as a couple will help you overcome changes and transformations.

Horoscope today Sagittarius August 3

My dear Sagittarius: it is an auspicious time to see the light in the darkness. Lots of good things coming these days, much light and many good wishes, but all supported by the hope that you will print the events. sagittarius love: beware of making hasty decisions to leave your relationship or join a new one. This is not the time. It could be that your impatience is playing tricks on you.

Horoscope today Capricorn August 3

My dear Capricorn: it is ideal to take this decision-making day with conviction and strength. The Emperor accompanies you and this gives firmness and authority to the things you decide. It also tells you about a person in authority who is watching over you and who will be important to the development of things today. Capricorn love: Interestingly, the card that accompanies the Emperor is the Teacher, Arcanum 5 of the Tarot. This speaks of guidance from the elders and seeking advice to speak of love.

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Horoscope today Aquarius August 3

My dear Aquarians: this is a day for making decisions. What to do with life? To live abroad or to stay? Job change or difficult enrollment? Today you will be put to the test and your feelings will be directed to a choice between the options you have considered. love aquarius: you feel stuck in love and will stay that way for a while. Drop your ego and let go of the feeling that life owes you something. This is a time to be static and wait for things to improve.

Horoscope today Pisces August 3

My dear Pisces: beware of forbidden desires. Don’t let yourself be tempted so easily: not in love, not in work, not in any aspect of life. Sometimes we give in to base instincts and it plays tricks on us. Pisces love: this is a day where you should be calm, without giving too much power to the love of life, things will flow as they should without much intervention on your part.

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