How to apply for a widow’s pension, step by step

between different economic aid offered by social security to citizens who meet a number of requirements or who are in certain situations of helplessness, is widow’s pension.

This is a benefit that is aimed at people who have been widowed due to the death of a wife or husband when have maintained a marital relationship with them or as a de facto coupleas long as they meet certain requirements.

In the case of meeting the necessary requirements to receive the pension, it should be noted that an application must be made to start collecting the amount, for which the following steps must be followed.

Steps to Claim Widow’s Pension

The first thing you need to do is download the widow, orphan and family services application form through the Social Security portal. You can download it from this link or see the model in the following document:

After completing the form, it must be sent by regular mail or submitted to the relevant district office. Also, those who have a digital certificate can choose the telematic sending through the Electronic Center of Social Security.

In addition, it should be noted that other additional documentation is required to process this request. In all cases, a presentation will be required DNI and Certification of the death certificate of the deceased.

Later if you are married to a deceased persona, you must submit, as indicated on the social security portal:

  • A family book
  • Civil Registry Law
  • An equivalent foreign document, duly legalized or stamped where appropriate, and translated, evidencing the marriage to the decedent.
  • The applicant’s current marital status

In case of being separated or divorced of the deceased deceased or the marriage was declared invalid, it is necessary to present:

  • A court judgment that confirms this situation and a regulatory agreement for the same or a document that recognizes the right to receive a compensatory pension or compensation for invalidity. If you are not a compensatory pension creditor: Family certificate, if you had children together, separated or divorced before 01.01.2008 and are under 50 years of age, or proof that you have been a victim of gender-based violence.
  • Responsible declaration of compliance with the requirements related to the compensatory pension through the document provided by the INSS.
  • A certificate by letter of birth certificate issued by the Civil Registry that the applicant has not married another person after ending his relationship with the deceased.

In case you are in the two previous situations:

  • A medical certificate indicating the date of onset of the common illness that caused the death of the deceased, provided that one year has not passed between the date of marriage and the date of death and there were no common children, or a temporary affidavit, in the conditions below above, through the document provided by INSS. If there are common children, only a family book or birth certificates that prove it.
  • Accreditation of cohabitation, if it existed before the marriage.

In case of being de facto couple The following documents must be submitted for the deceased person:

  • Certificate of registration of the couple in the relevant register of their autonomous community or place of residence, or accreditation of the constitution of the couple by public act.
  • Records in the Civil Registry proving that the applicant and the deceased were not married or separated from another person in the 2 years immediately preceding the death, if the couple is established by a public act.
  • Certificate of registration at the town hall or other evidence proving cohabitation with the deceased for at least 5 years immediately before death.
  • Proof of the income of the applicant and the deceased in the calendar year preceding the death; and of the petitioner in the same year of death, through a tax return for the income of natural persons or in the absence of payslips, documents from banking institutions, etc.

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