Beyond Giving the Bouquet: 12 Creative Gestures to Honor the Virgin Mary at a Catholic Wedding

Hannah Cote, c National Catholic Register, published a compilation of ideas (tested and practiced) with which Catholic newlyweds in the US honor the Virgin at their weddings. It is very common in brides leave your bouquet to the Virgo where you get married (or at a shrine of your devotion). But more can be done.

1. Coral-colored roses in the bridal bouquet

In Marie Wagner’s family, of Colombian descent, it has a pro-life meaning. When Marie’s mother was pregnant, many friends suggested an abortion. Greatly embarrassed, the woman asked the Virgin for a sign that she would support her. And the sign he asked for was a coral rose. Although there were never any roses in her garden, a week later A fully bloomed rose of this color appeared near the statue of the Virgin. Marie was the baby that was born, and years later, when she got married in March 2021, she put such a rose in her bridal bouquet. “Virgin Mary has always been my mother and has always protected me, close to me since I conceived,” says the young woman.

2. Rosary beads in the corsages of the bridesmaids

Mary married Trey Wagner and became Mrs. Wagner. As a couple, they both served as missionaries in the Catholic Apostolate of Focus University. There they learned to make rosaries and now make them with great beauty and detail at their company West Coast Rosary. Mary shares that she was not very committed to the rosary until her friend made her her first beautiful rosary. “Beauty drew me to prayer,” he says.

As another gesture of Maria at her wedding, each bridesmaid’s corsage was wrapped in an Immaculate Heart rosary, of white and soft pink beads, inspired by devotion to the heart of the Virgin.

3. Pray a decade of the rosary together just before the ceremony

Marie and Trey prayed a mystery of the rosary together when they went out to strengthen their relationship. And they did it right before the ceremony, too. Since it is tradition for the bride and groom not to see each other on the day of the wedding until the ceremony begins, they did it with their backs to each other without looking at each other already bridal dresses.

The bride and groom pray together but without looking at each other just before the wedding. They can pray to the Mother of God!

4. Sing the Salve Regina at the end of the wedding

This is a simple gesture and can be accompanied by the gesture of waiting at the foot of the image of the Virgin and singing with the bride and groom before they leave the temple or register at the vicarage.

5. Sapphires in the engagement ring

Sapphires, being blue, are a symbol of Mary. The Bible mentions them on the high priest’s breastplate and on the precious stones of the heavenly Jerusalem. They often decorate Marian paintings and icons. Cote tells the case of the marriage of Grace and Frank Vitale, who used sapphires in their engagement ring, because of this Marian symbolism and also because of family tradition.

6. That many children bring flowers to the Virgin

At Grace and Frank’s wedding, they decided that there would be plenty of ready-made flowers at the entrance to the church, and that all the children at the ceremony could go out and pick a few flowers and carry them to the vase in front of the Virgin. Thus, the bouquet was formed in the vase itself at the feet of the Virgin, in an authentic procession of children with flowers. “I hope to have children one day, and I wanted to honor Mary early on through children,” says Grace, who maintains a confident, childlike faith that appeals to her mother.

7. Guest cards showing the Sagrada Familia

Grace is a designer with many Catholic designs on Instagram, at The Catholic cradle. She herself made reminder cards for all the guests with a scene of the Holy Family of Nazareth, a model of a family serving the Lord.

The traditional gesture of giving the bride's bouquet to the Virgin Mary after the wedding

8. Wear little jewelry…except for the Miraculous Medal

A bride often wears special jewelry at her wedding. Except for a few earrings, Grace chose to wear only a simple Miraculous Medal of the Virgin Mary, a very popular and humble tradition. This is another way to honor Mary on a unique day.

9. Not only the bride and groom should deliver the bouquet to the Virgin, but also the parents

The usual thing is for the bride or the newlywed to present the bouquet to the image of the Virgin. But why not do it accompanied by the parents of the bride and groom? So did Patrick and Leah Nalepa in their parish in Detroit. “We placed the bouquet in front of her and had our parents come with us to pray together. They put their hands on our shoulders and we all prayed together as a new married couple and a new family, under the mantle of our Mother,” they explain.

10. Let the bride pray to the Mother of God surrounded by her ladies

Emily Malloy, who writes about food and flowers in Theology of Home, explains that she was very nervous at her wedding, thinking she would mess it up. She told one of her friends, who immediately gathered the others and All together prayed for her, with a gesture of intercession and the laying on of hands. “It was a very special moment led by the Holy Spirit”, I remember. It may be a good time to pray with friends to Our Lady shortly before the ceremony.

11. You can sew the Miraculous Medal onto the wedding dress

Emily Malloy suggests it as “a special and subtle way to draw the Virgin Mary very close.”

12. Use flowers according to the Marian codex

As an expert in floral decorations, Emily Malloy offers a variety of flowers with Marian significance, depending on the time of year: lilies and tulips in spring, roses and peonies in summer, “stars of Bethlehem” in winter… Emily assures that “God speaks to us” through flowers because “he created us to tend a garden, it is our original work. The ability to connect with Him in nature and the garden shows us His love.”

(Originally published on Marian news portal CariFilii)

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