Rocio Jurado and her first love, a story with a sad ending

They say that first love is never forgotten. Dew Sworn he never forgot his. Mother of three children, married twice, s Peter Carrascofirst and then with Ortega Cano, had a man whom she never married but who always held a huge place in her heart. She came into his life when he was only 20 years old and his singing career was just starting. The story between the two begins in Valencia at the beginning of the 1960s, when the young girl chipionera, already called to succeed thanks to her self-confidence and impressive mezzo-soprano voice, comes to Valencia to play. There, in the capital of Turia, took place their chance meeting and the falling in love that would begin a long love story with Enrique Garcia Verneta. “We met in a cafe where the artists went and we exchanged phones and that’s where our relationship, our love started“, explained García Verneta himself, with whom Blood relation spoke shortly before his death in early 2020.

“One of the people I love most in the world”

Chipionera fell in love with the sight of an attractive young man, one of the sons of the owners of the famous Las Barcas perfumery in Valencia. This is how love is born in that Rocio, who begins to reap her first successes thanks to songs like Carnation already movies like The partisans (1963), in which he co-starred with Manolo Escobar. Garcia Vernetta got up her boyfriend and her manager. Since then, García Verneta always keeps two unpublished photos in his portfolio that always accompany him. Two snapshots that Rocio Jurado gave her before she became “the greatest.” The chiponera always spoke of him with love and affection. “He is one of the people I love most in the world because it was my first love“, the Jury herself came to say.

Rocio Jurado, 16 years after her death

Rocio Jurado, 16 years after her death

Why didn’t Rocio Jurado marry Garcia Vernetta?

When asked this question once, Jurado replied that they were then too young to marry. For years after their breakup, the gossip magazines talked a lot about them the possibility that Rocio was willing to do anything to marry Enrique García Verneta, if she could leave her children and her husband if he had asked her. But sagas, like life, have moments when everything changes in a second. Vernetta himself experienced one of these moments firsthand. It happened one day, after her wedding to Pedro Carrasco, when García Verneta accompanied her to the airport by car. “I get the car, she gets in to tell me her marriage is a disaster, and when I get to the airport, she tells me to stop the car, turn off the engine and tells me to turn around, let’s go together. .. but I tell her that she has a husband, children, musicians… that she should go with her family,” recalls Vernetta. A love story that could have ended like in American movies with a confession of love and running away together at the airport . But he didn’t. Enrique regretted it all his life: “I was an idiot and a coward,” he says. Over the years, the Valencian was very willing to give interviews, and a book of memories was even offered. Obviously, he wanted to tell everything, that he lived with Rocio Jurado, even things that are not known to be true or not.Like the alleged pregnancy that the chipionera had while they were together, a very sensitive issue.

Blood Ties – The unpublished photos that Vernetta de Rocio Jurado keeps

The Saga of Chipiona

Blood relation enters the saga of Chipiona, that of Mohedano Jurado, through unique testimonies and more heartfelt than ever. Jose Ortega Cano recalls falling in and out of love with “the greatest” and how his wedding was about to be called off, Rocio’s fear of bulls, and admits he still talks to his wife. His admiration and affection for her are endless. Interviews with people who know the saga well: fellow artists such as Lolita, Joan Manuel Serrat, Diana Navarro; people who share very intimate moments, like the doctor who introduced Rocio and Ortega; Pedro Carrasco’s trainer when the boxer met the singer; the designer who marked Rocio’s style, or her first boyfriend, with whom she is about to run away. We all get to know Rocio Carrasco and her experience with Antonio David and Fidel Albiac a little more closely together. The program describes the relationship between the members of the saga through journalists such as Mercedes Milla, Jesus Mariñas, Carlos Ferrando and Paloma Barrientos, among others. You can see it now RTVE Game!

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