Jesuline de Ubrique and María José Campanario celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary after the birth of their son

On July 27, two decades ago, Jesus Janeiro Bazan (Jesuline of Ubrique on the posters) married Mary Joseph Campanario. A couple constantly exposed to public curiosity thanks to the interest of gossip magazines. In that period of time, there have been some difficult moments, but in them the firmness of their marital commitment, the love that strengthens their union, has prevailed. The three children they have Julia, Jesus Alejandro and the recently born HugoThey testify to their happiness. In the pink programs of some televisions, especially in which Belen Esteban participates, comments about the bullfighter and his wife are periodically expanded, not always flattering.

Belen, of course, was the one who instigated the most, in constant conflict with Maria Jose Campanario. The latter, who was right more than once, was not silent. The fact is that there have always been disagreements and dialectical nagging between the two. With common sense Yesulin “did not enter the rag” and preferred to get out of the middle of these useless and absurd contradictions, always as a monotheme that distant sentimental connection that existed between the right-hand man and the Madrid woman from whom Andreita was born. “I kill for her!” cried Belen years ago, defending her little girl.

The waters seem calm now, so on the one hand Yesulin was able to devote himself to his businessto his media appearances on some shows where he has shown his constant good humor and skills in tests of ingenuity or skill while Maria Jose completed her studies in dentistry, very focused on this profession. This elevates her, as she can live “without punching” at the expense of her husband’s hard-earned inheritance in the ring, where now Yesulin hardly makes a paseo, except for some festivals.

Mary Joseph Campanario He is from Castellón de la Plana, whose bullfighting fair was never missing, especially if Jesuline was on the posters. She was his fan. And he liked to go with a friend, hang around the hotel, where he dressed up as lights. According to Jesulin the the first meeting with her happened in a restaurant where he has lunch with his parents. He noticed a beautiful, petite young woman. With the absence of the blush that had always guided his character, he approached the table of the person who turned out to be Maria José Campanario, got her phone number between smiles (cell phones were not yet in vogue). What he told her was this:I must see that face many times“, and he didn’t stop until he made an appointment with her. After that, everything is already known, because the weekly newspapers were responsible for following the whole courtship process. Exactly for a period of fifteen months. Maria Jose did not have everything with her. from the street of Jesulin’s relationship with Belen Esteban. And he knew that the bullfighter did not stop complimenting any admirer who approached him: he had an agenda full of girls’ phone numbers. After Luis Miguel Dominguen, the number 1 seducer among the bullfighters , who was flying high about his conquests with international movie stars, Hesuline de Ubrique is the second bullfighter to win, although these romances were not with celebrities. Let it be known, because he never wanted to discover fleeting idylls with certain ladies.

This wedding twenty years ago was celebrated in the Seville Hacienda de Benasuza, in the chapel of San Francisco. Hesulin promised María José that he would always be faithful to her. The proof is that since he got married he has not known any “flirts”. And he no longer held bullfights “for women only,” as he did one afternoon in Aranjuez, for example: “I did not encourage women to They’re gonna throw panties at me. The normal thing would be to throw flowers at me, but if they wanted the other… what could I do?”

Yesulin was a different bullfighter. Without being gifted with the purity and artistry of Morante de la Puebla, he learned enough technique to face sometimes heavy herds. His populist style, in and out of the squares, won him over the condescension of many people, even outside of the wild party. Very few have won the sympathy and grace of Cadiz. He made a lot of money, enough to help his family, parents and siblings. His father gets into more than one mess, with economic damage to Jesulín. And this one, after retiring, had to return to fight, thereby managing to accumulate a respectable capital. He had already achieved it when he was only sixteen years old, when he had enough money to buy the farm “Ambiciones”, a name that corresponded to that of a bull with which he triumphed loudly.

On Jesuline of Ubrique Hundreds of anecdotes have been told. Since one of his brothers was an airline pilot, Yesulin was also able to pilot a small plane. He hired him for his travels because there was one summer where he fought in three different and distant squares on the same day. On one of these occasions, he used it to arrive in time to Benidorm, where he performed as a guest at the famous Song Festival. Remember that album with the “that, that…” chorus? The recording costs sixty million pesetas. But he insisted, and not only did he not get that fortune back then, but he had to compensate some businessmen by canceling the music tour he had arranged. He could not fulfill these engagements as he had previously signed others to fight. He came for more than one season to lead the figures list. He was the one who struggled the most in a season.

If yours a short stage of the singer was left for his anecdotealthough he assures that he is still asked about some of his unusual songs and he is practically absent from the ring, although he has not officially retired, Jesulín does not stop being present in the media and therefore, neither María José Campanario, a couple we congratulate from here for their twentieth wedding anniversary.

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