“I beg the next captain not to interfere as much as I do.”

  • “I’m open to everything, but my daughter won’t let me in Barça,” joked the midfielder, who is leaving the club after 237 official matches.

The Spanish captain David Lopez he said goodbye this Tuesday as a player for the blue and white team, after eight seasons in three different stages and 237 official matches. The Sant Cugat player expressed a wish: “The next captain should not be as committed as I am.”

“For me, everything is Espanyol: my job, my hobby, my life. And I live it 24 hours a day. I must have taken it everything at home and it was not the most convenient for my family or for me, because in the end it gives its own. And that is the only thing I regret, “he told a news conference.


David admitted that it probably should have been “selfish”, but what happens “proud and happy” for his “loyalty” to the club, “because I’ve always looked for the shield in front of me,” he said.

“Today is a difficult day for me, a day that comes earlier than I would like, but fate has not been chosen, “admitted the Catalan midfielder, visibly excited.

In any case, he feels lucky to have succeeded reach your dream to “every boy who starts” in football: “to be able to play in the First Division with your club team and also to be a captain”.

looking for a team

Espanyol has decided not to renew it and at the age of 32 he will have to find a team. “I still don’t know where I will play or whether he will be here or outside, I am open to everything The only thing that is clear is this my daughter won’t let me in Barçaso it’s definitely not there, “he joked.

In Espanyol he experienced “very bad times”, like the season of decline to the Second. “I almost always seemed to speak after the defeats, and I ended up associating David Lopez with the image of relegation; I think that punished me with the fans, “he complained.

But also other “very good” and if you have to choose one of them, then the team has achieved ascent a year later: “This season my shirt weighed more than some of my teammates and I was left with the feeling that I had accomplished a mission, that I had paid off a debt.”

The values ​​of the club

David would like to be remembered in the blue and white club as “a a good man, modest and hardworking and as a person who never gives up, whatever comes: mistakes, criticisms, defeats, failures, injuries, changes … whatever. ”

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“I have fallen many times, but I always think I will get up as soon as possible. That would be my best legacy, because I think they are values this is Espanyol, “he added during his speech, which he had to stop reading several times because he could not contain his emotion.

During the ceremony, he received the club’s badge from the CEO, Mao Ye; captain’s armband Tommy N’Cono; and a commemorative T-shirt from his 237 games as blue and white for three other celebrated captains, Dani Solson, Rafa Maranhón and Raul Tamudo.

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